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    Cancer is one of the most deadly disease, do you agree?

    Do you agree that Cancer if the most common disease these days? October being the month for breast cancer awareness, I just wanted to tell our members to get a through check up done once in a while so that if detected with the disease, early cure can help you from the major risk of it.

    It is said that one in eight women will develop breast cancer in her life time. So it is that common. Our lifestyle, eating habits and changing culture along with our busy schedule is gradually making us a patient.

    1. Say no to Plastic containers, spoons, foam glasses etc.
    2. Avoid eating from outside and try to cook yourself.
    3. Stop having canned food, processed meat, carbonated drinks etc.
    4. No smoking or usage of tobacco products.
    5. Get organic food.

    If we are able to practice the above, to a certain extent we can save ourselves from the evil hands of cancer.

    If you have more points to add, please do so.
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    Cancer is not the most common disease. Cough & cold or flu is the most common disease all over the world.

    But I have no doubt to state that the thread is very informative. I thank the author for this informative thread with a humble request to suitably modify the title.

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    It is right to be worried about cancer but the top diseases related fatalities are - Heart disease, Stroke, Chest Diseases etc.
    Junk food or Unhealthy dietary practices are the major risk factors for diseases that lead to early deaths (again heart disease, obesity, diabetes mellitus and stroke).
    Yes, we need to be aware of certain cancers based on the age and sex, then be aware of those conditions and seek screening tests for those. Your doctor can guide you.

    Lot of people follow ban on plastics containers, organic food etc but to me, the irony is there are some many ways that we are exposed day in and day out to far more higher levels of pollutants and adulteration - air pollution, water pollution, adulteration of the milk, milk comes in many metros in plastic covers only, adulterated oil, additives in food, colouring agents and hormonal agents for poultry products the list is endless. how organic are the so-called organic products? We can only limit one portal of entry for harmful substances.

    Unless we all start moving to the villages or live in the mountains we cannot implement a meaningful change in the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat. This is not going to happen.

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    Prevention is the only substitute for cancer and awareness among the public is must for various cancers. Cancers are varied and one must have the idea about that. Brain cancer, blood cancer, mouth ulcer, stomach cancer, skin cancer and above all bone cancer. All these are different cancers and the treatment meted out is also different. One thing is sure, when ever a person was found with cancer , people like to keep away from him or her. Very pathetic would be the situation if every one shuns the patient. As far as possible one should not mingle with others and keep in a secured place until treatment was done.
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    A good thread by the author. Very informative. Cancer is a very deadly disease but may not be a common disease. As mentioned by Mohan prevention is always better than cure. Follow all possible points mentioned by the author. Maintain good hygiene in and around. Try to be clean and tidy. Don't go for oily foods and fast foods. Have always good food habits. It will make you distant from not only cancer from many of the diseases.
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    I do not agree that Cancer is a common disease. Cancer is a curable dreadful disease. This desease is not contagious at all. This is a misbelief in so many people especially in villages. Cancer is not a taboo too.

    Cancer can be cured in the early stage. Because of the lack of awareness people waste lot of time by visiting quacks and other so called Aurvedic practioners etc. I would like to share the following seven symptoms of cancer with the members of this forum. If you observe any of these symptoms, please visit a registered medical practioner without wasting time.
    1. Sudden loss of weight including change in habits of passing stools and pain in passing urine
    2. Unusual bleeding or discharge through urine and stool.
    3. White patches in the mouth or on the tonque.
    4. Sores which are not healing for a long time.
    5. Lump in the breast or any other part of the body.
    6. Any appreciable changes in moles on the body.
    7.Nagging Cough or hoarseness in voice which could not be cured for a long time.

    It is observed that Cancer is a disease more occurring in advanced age. Any individual more than 40 years of age should undergo medical checkup at least once in a year as a precautionary measure.

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    A human comes to the universe have to leave one day or other according to the principle of spiritual science. The cancer is an indicating disease for the nearness to death but the time gap differs person to person according to his/her karma. Surely it is not a contagious or heredity. But it is sure if one touched by the cancer, it is sure his destiny date is fixed. What we can do is only pray our God for a good health.

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    I did not mention it is a contagious disease but what made me post this thread was the death of my friend's wife last week due to cancer. Even near my house also there are 2 people almost at the last stage of cancer. I did not mean it is as common as cold and flu but the number of people suffering from this disease is more these days.
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    Cancer might not be the most common disease, but it is definitely one of the most deadly. It destroys not just the patient, but also the entire family.

    It is pathetic that despite being so much awareness, in India we do not follow the health regulations about food grade plastic. Venders still pack foodstuff in low grade plastic which is not of the specified food grade plastic.

    People are unaware that reusing oil can cause cancer. Oil should not be used more than twice or three times, as reheating it makes it carcinogenic. We attack big businesses for the standards they maintain, but it is the small time vendors who are playing with people's lives – selling deep fried bhajis and bondas and what have you, in the same oil.

    Tobacco is another cancer causing agent.

    But, according to all the newspaper reports diabetes is the most deadly disease – it is almost an epidemic.

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    #611143: There has been an increasing awareness of cancers.Earlier it was difficult to prove or treat cancer apart from the apex hospitals in each city. In the present day, we hear more about cancer because of a combination of factors.

    -More and more people approach hospital for help with their symptoms and diseases.

    -There has been a steady increase in the healthcare infrastructure and an increase in accessibility wherein diagnosis of a disease can be done more frequently thus raising the overall numbers.

    -The corporate sector has bloomed rapidly and many families take their patients to the specialist to at least get the diagnosis first.

    -Increase in availability and use of diagnostic imaging (whole body CT scan, MRI, Mammograms(for breast cancer).

    -A few decades ago, cancer would mean cancer of the mouth, stomach and blood cancer. Now we have facilities to diagnose cancers affecting almost every organ system in the blood,

    With the above acting at various levels, we are in the phase wherein cancers are seen or heard in families and neighborhoods more often. Yes, certainly we should try our best to modify our food and lifestyle to reduce the risk of getting cancer and at the appropriate time get screening tests done to rule out particular cancer.

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