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    Respect - not only elders but even the young ones deserve it

    Respect, a human trait that defines highness, which defines deep admiration for people. It is a great attribute indeed. We always say that we should respect our elders because that counts our values. Our values makes us good human beings, like we obey our parents. Like we obey our elders, the people who are closely connected to us. But what about the young ones, don't the play the equal role too? Don't the elders should respect younger too? Even if we know or not, if we are meeting someone may be on the road or anywhere, we are being nice to the old people or elder people, but the elder one is just yelling at us, what in that case? Shouldn't they understand that "Getting respect" is the right for younger ones too? But there are some people in the world, who do not follow this, and they try to suppress the words or thoughts of children, or younger ones if I say. If a younger one would just even try to be little funny with them, they could might get scolded badly. And the elders will say "You are talking to your elders and not to your peers, have manners?" The intention was obviously not to hurt and even the other person is not hurt. But they show such a behaviour that the younger one is low and needs scoldings only for this attitude. How to make these elders realize that the younger people also deserve equal respect, and it is their due right? It is really needed, before these elders stand up on your head and start dancing. Speak up and don't let them make a hole in your heart and make fun of you. We all deserve respect, it is just that we are not hurting anyone.
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    I do agree that even the young ones expect and need to be respected. What is happening these days that the young ones feel that by virtue of their education and social contacts, they know everything even above the elders know and that ego clash when things comes to agreeing upon. While elders want young ones to adhere to their advise and listen to them, the young ones would argue and even try to prevail upon the elders to agree to their views. This kind of ego clash wont benefit the young ones. Elders also get worried about that kind of attitude. Give respect to the elders and the young ones also get the same.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Many of us thought that experience equals years spent at a job.But time and again it's proven that chronological age alone doesn't mean experience. In the same way, I feel respect shouldn't automatically imply from younger to the elder. Yes is the conventional norm but it has to be both ways.

    On the same note, respect should be given not only to the superiors at work but also to the simplest employee at the office. The office boy or girls who get coffee and thing done for us deserves the same if not more respect than the person running the company. Life has taught us that these employees are often good-natured/honest to a certain extent in comparison to the boss.

    Everybody we interact with deserves the right amount of respect and personal space, including us, on many occasions some of us lose a little bit of our self-respect at work or social circles and we bear it silently for the sake of the family and children.

    The only point for elders and against the thread is that elders are used to a certain way of life and as age catches up responsibility goes off so does the attention they get from people around them. Sometimes, it's better to leave things the way it is, rather than trying to upset them.

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    Everyone should respect other fellow human beings.Being an elder is not the only criteria for getting the respect.Everyone irrespective of his age will have some positives. So we should respect not his but his nature and positivity. we can learn so many things from our younger generation also. I learned how to use a smartphone from my son. I learned how to use a laptop from my son. So age is not only the criteria. Experience need not be counted by years it can be by your observation and abilities also.
    As expressed by Mohan these a part of the younger generation is thinking that they know everything and the elders are of equal or less calibre than them. My sincere advice to all don't go by age. Respect every one. Follow Give and take policy.

    always confident

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    Respect,the word ,is not something we really meant but is a type of honour we give to them. It has no age for that. In olden days my cousin brothers (two of them) used to pay namaskarams daily to their parents immediately after getting from bed. But it is not good to talk youngsters in respective salutations,according to me,as they in that age only call like so. The inner meaning of this post is we should hear the words of youngsters also.

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    True, every human need to be respected irrespective of their gender, color, age, caste or creed. Only if we respect others, our children will start respecting the people around them. That way we can create a better generation. Also when there is mutual respect, the world will be a better place to live in .

    Some people consider it to be an ego issue respecting younger people and accepting their ideas. But why! They too have opinions and ideas, may be their ideas will be better than ours as they are younger and have fresh ideas. Accept the ideas based on the quality of it and not on the age of the person. There are many things one can learn from a youngster, especially related to technology.

    The world is changing and and many new advancements are coming in. It is impossible for us to get updated in everything. At times we need to take the help of younger ones to get updated. Don't feel bad about it but be happy and proud that we have a younger generation who has much better knowledge than us in certain areas.

    "Do not give up, things might not favour you always"

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