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    National anthem a 'must' in Madrasas, Allahabad HC order

    Allahabad High Court has upheld the order of BJP led UP govt. to sing the national Anthem and hoist national flag in Madarsas in the satate on Independence day. Allahabad HC has said that National Anthem, flag should be respected by every Indian and should be a must even in Madrasas. We have to understand the meaning of this decision.

    We see the result of appeasement politics of so called secular politicians ruling the state that the Madarsas dared to challenge this order and went to court. The court's order is in line with the spirit of the constitution. The fundamentalism should be dealt with stern hands.

    Ironically, the mother organisation of BJP, RSS is also a Hindu fundamentalist organisation and has been opposing the National Flag and National Anthem since the Independence of the country. Patel, then Home Minister said any organisation seeking to supplant National Flag would be sternly dealt with. He imposed one of the conditions on the RSS for the removal of the ban after Mahatma Gandhi's assassination was explicit acceptance of the National Flag.

    All fundamentalist organisations will learn a lesson from this decision. They have to respect the National Anthem and the National Flag if they are a part of this country. Please opine.
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    I just cannot understand that we need a court to order Madarasas to mention anthem and that has been made compulsory now. By virtue of citizen of India, we are bound to follow the constitution and law and that includes recitation of national anthem no matter to which religion or caste we belong. Do no go by the verse or the meaning of the anthem. Just sing along with others. Still if one feels awkward, just stand in the group who are singing and that suffice that you have supported the National anthem. Nevertheless this is a far reaching judgement from the court and soon there will be protests and recall of the order.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    My view is the National Anthom should be played and the surrounding people should honour in all schools and public associations. In early days all cinema halls the National Anthom was played at the end of film telecast and people were stood silently till it was over. If it is resisted now, the importance of or even the National Anthom itself will get forgotten by Indians as we presently thinking that the National Anthom is only meant for Government and it's staff.

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    It is sad that in our country we have to hear court orders for playing National Anthem. That too in educational institutions where tomorrows citizens are supposed to be trained. But unfortunately the self oriented group of politicians will show sympothy to those people. These days cinema halls also playing this National Anthem . Everyone is standing and after completion only all are sitting. Why these should be given Government Aid and Funds.
    always confident

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    It is really sad but totally expected. Nehruvian socialism has brought the country in this pitiable condition. The fact that the so-called seculars and liberals are trying to divert the attention from this alarming condition in various ways is more terrible. These anti-nationals must be confronted in every forum, in every manner. Otherwise another partition accompanying terrible bloodbath is inevitable.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Every Citizen of India who owes his or life to this country, need not be reminded about the National Anthem and the respect it deserves. As Indians, irrespective of caste and creed should be proud to sing the National Anthem and respect the tricolour.

    I've seen challenged children (physically and mentally) smiling and saluting the Indian Flag at Independence day celebrations. Hat's off to them, we can still learn from a child.

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    We all are proud to be an Indian every Citizen of India know about it that when we started a Good work we need blessings.In Olympic or any International games, our players win the National Anthem is played. Then why should not here?

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    Mr. Kumar: The simple answer is that we have been following a very dangerous form of 'sickularism', where instead of separation of states from the affairs of country, the political parties appease the fundamentalist and communal sections of some religious minority communities. This is the reason we are in this mess. These communities and their sickular supporters have been finding out various reasons of not singing National Anthem.

    Or maybe they are planning to make 'pak sar jamin sad baad' as their own national anthem. Everything is possible for these descendants of Jaichand and Mir Jafar.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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