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    Behavior is changed by motivation.

    Surely, Behaviour is changed by motivation. When a person is motivated, he/she will be energetic. He/she starts to work more than his/her normal capacity. He/she fills with enthusiasim. He/ she fills internal changes also. A motivated person does his/her tasks with full capacity. In every aspect of life, we see motivator plays a great role.
    In Bapu's life, his mother was a motivator. In my life, my father is my motivator. Please share your views, who is your motivator?
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    It is true. Motivation gives lots of energy. When somebody says you have done a good work, feels like doing again. Motivation may be of different ways. Giving some good words about the work in the presence of others will motivate the individual. That is why in Organisations always employer tries to motivate people by announcing some rewards, giving some awards or mentioning about the individual in gatherings. Some people think that money will motivate people. But not true. to some extent only it will motivate. Afterwards, appreciation gives a lot of motivation.
    My grandfather (My Mother's father) is my motivator in my life. I am today like this because of his motivation only. He taught me how to face the problems and how to overcome and how to accomplish our goals. A man who is the God of my life. He is no more but he is always there behind me motivating me even today in all my actions and works.

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    Good thread by the author. Good behavior always comes after a better and understandable motivation from the near and dear ones and also the mentors. Mind it those who can change their stance after motivation are likely to listen to others, otherwise then wont mend the ways. Those who are stubborn and already made their mind to stick to their version and view, wont heed to the motivational words and that would be waste exercise to try to bring change in them. But we can always try our motivational approach with the adamant kids who wont heed to the advise of parents and elders.
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    Motivation is a huge power, it can bring in amazing results. It can help a suffering person to recover from his disease. It can make a sad person smile. It can definitely change the behaviour to a lot extent. Motivation develops confidence, it makes people stronger in their attitude to face challenges that might be tough for them.
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    Once you are a child, your father, mother or teacher can be your motivator but when someone is working in an organisation two great tools is there to take output from oneself. Motivation and disciplinary action play big role in taking output. Motivation and reward system is a positive tool to move a person toward the work. Some people still do not work. Punishment and disciplinary action will shape those people.
    The greatest wealth in this world is mental peace and good health.

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    I would say Life itself is changed by motivation. Motivation is often gained in many forms,often by people who are close to us, people whom we work for and people whom we live for.
    Commonly motivation is derived from parents,well-wisher, an achiever who becomes our role model and wise friends. In many organisations and some aspects of life the concept of reward motivates one to do better than the rest. For instance, an incentive in corporate offices or supermarkets (perform better,you stand to gain (appreciation or money or reward) often motivates people to work better. Healthy internal competition itself is a good motivator at work places and among school going kids (get first class, we will have a good holiday or we will buy you a cycle - these work well with young children).

    Sometimes motivations comes from unexpected quarters, a difficult situation, when faced with adversity, here the setback for hurdles itself motivates people to have the confidence, 'Yes, I can do it'. Our critics and people who make fun of us at work and social circles sometimes make the best motivators, because of such deviant individuals, the affected person is motivated as never before to succeed in their endeavors and prove the critics wrong.

    For me my father is the main motivator, now for my wife and myself, our children are our motivators - to do the best for them.

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    Motivation is the biggest impulsive force in human life. It creates flow of energy and enthusiasm in the most lazy and idling person.

    The interesting thing here is when a person is asked to do something he starts to think what he will be getting out of doing that work. What will be his remuneration? He will be reluctant to work till that thing becomes clear to him. A motivator comes in picture here. He will be lucidly and cleary mentioning the accrued benefits to the worker directly or indirectly by performing the assigned jobs. Once the person gets the feel of the thing he is motivated.

    A motivated person will be seeing the benefits in long run. Reading story books may be a good time pass but at the same time it enhances your language and sometimes even power of expression. So someone may get motivated to read them for those benefits.

    Knowledge is power.

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