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    What is the preferred Gifts for Newly Weds or people admitted in Hospital?

    What is the best wedding gift that you can give to a newlywed couple or a patient who is admitted to the hospital?

    I have seen in the most the wedding people coming up with lots of beautifully wrapped gifts for the couple. Observing all these and by seeing a couple struggling to make the ends meet for their wedding, it's my suggestion that why don't we gift them with a small amount of money. I feel that would help them cover up most of the wedding expense, it might not be a big burden. Most of them end up getting many clocks, crockery sets decorative items etc, which is indeed useful if it's unique and useless if it's a duplicate. They can either donate it to someone else or keep it with them.

    Similarly, when we go to visit a patient in the hospital, let's give them money instead of fruits or flowers. It will help them to pay the medical bills.

    Though the amount might seem small to us, it might be a huge relief to them.
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    It is good. Nowadays many people started giving money or gift vouchers as the marriage gift. This will be really helpful to the bride and the bridegroom for purchasing their requirements for the family set up they are going to start after the marriage. The money we are giving may be small but all small contributions will put together give them sufficient money to acquire their requirement. I started giving money as the marriage gift to all the marriages of our relatives. But when it comes to friends and colleagues money may not be a right choice. There I prefer giving a small silver article which will be useful for them.
    But when it comes to patients giving money may not be a good option, Instead, we can purchase fruits, Horlicks or other useful items for them. Indirectly that will also save some of their expenditure.
    But giving articles which are not much useful may be a waste expenditure for us also.

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    For the newly wedded couple the preferred gift would be a basket full of flowers. Or two big flower mala one for the groom and another for the bride. For the patients convalescing in the hospitals, it is better to take with you some good fruits or even coconut water and that would be the right gift for them. However it depends on different people and their thinking pattern in selecting gifts. I have seen one person gifting two sets of plants sown in the pot and that was given as marriage gift. The person who gave the gift requested the couples to nurture the plant as their child and want to see the plant bloom to a tree soon.
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    Nice thread, many times we think what to do and buy something that's conservative/traditional.
    For couples getting married, I don't think buying articles is not a good idea always. If we are in a group and gifting a colleague at work, we can always discuss with the colleague and then we can pool in the money and buy something useful as per their wishes. For close family members and cousins, we have tried collecting money and funding their short honeymoon trip. For the rest, I think we should give a gift money card of a popular shopping mall or outlet where the couple can later purchase what is useful for them. If still unsure the best bet for a Hindu couple is a image or small idol of Lord Ganesh to bless them on their new venture.

    For people in hospitals, flowers are good, but often not allowed for reasons of infection control or hospital policy. A basket of fruits most often is taken home or distributed in the hospital itself. I think a small inexpensive get well card and spending time with the hospitalized individual, trying to cheer them up would mean a lot to them rather than a basket of fruits. If it's a close relative or friend or colleague who cannot afford the hospital expenses, it would be worthwhile to pool in resources and pay it into their hospital account or give a cheque to a responsible family member who will understand the value of the small gesture.

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