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    Try to listen more than talking

    Many of us will always try to give a reply than hearing what the other fellow is telling. We will be more anxious to defend our actions before hearing the point what the other person is going to make.
    Always it is better to give a good hearing before we present our case.Nothing is going to happen in a few minutes of the hearing. God also indicated the same by giving two ears to hear and one mouth to speak. We should hear double that of what we talk.
    If somebody is telling something to you if you hear without interrupting him he will get half satisfied. When a patient visits a doctor if the doctor spends some time in hearing the voice of the patient, he will get satisfied and will get confidence on the doctor.

    Always better hear and the talk. Let us hear to learn rather listening to reply.
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    I have been advising the ISC members many a time that we must allow others to talk, so that many information and new things would be made to known. Especially we must allow the elders to speak and just listen to them. They would not only give you the best tips and also feel very happy that some one has lend the ears and listening to them. One thing is sure, elders have abundant knowledge through their work and experience and if we allow them to talk, we can write a book on the topics they share. That much immense knowledge would be discussed and conveyed to the listeners.
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    Silence and the Art of listening are two simple terms with profound meaning and one has to really learn to control the urge to interrupt and start talking even before the first speaker has finished their conservation.

    Many people shut themselves off when somebody interrupts a meaningful conversation, they feel offended or annoyed. We all love children with endless energy who literally or chatterboxes but the same in an adult is often not desired.

    There are many quotes about the wisdom that can be gained by understand the power of silence. We should start being silent so that we can start hearing someone.

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    Talking and hearing are two sides of a coin. If one is to hear another person has to talk. So if everybody decides to hear who will talk. Hence there must be a via media. At the same time one gets disturbed if a person goes on talking without allowing others to speak. In such cases a fruitful discussion will never materialise.
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    Well said, sir! if all of us talk it becomes a noise without any sense and if all we listen, then it'll be the only silence without meaningful dialogue. Be thankful to be allowed to speak, remember to allow others to speak to. Listen to others so that you also would be listened to.

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