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    How many of us know about Kenneth Anderson?

    We all are well aware of the famous Jim Corbett and this true narrations of man eating tigers that a still a hit among jungle counter stories. His legend continues to live in the Jim Corbett National Park.

    One less known individual who has the unofficial title of Jim Corbett of the South is Kenneth Anderson (1910-1974). Born into a military Scottish family in 1910, he loved the jungles of India, being a keen hunter he has helped many common men and women in the regions around Bangalore, Mysore and adjoining Adhara Pradesh. He has tracked and killed many man eaters (tigers,panthers) and elephants that harassed villagers fro a couple of decades around 1940s.

    He has authored a few books describing his experiences of hunting these vicious creatures. Sadly he's not as popular as Jim Corbett even though he has contributed to the welfare of the people helping them to face the jungle terrors in days wherein even the Government has to rely on these Shikaris to get rid of man eaters of the jungle.
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    Since the time I started reading hunting stories, I know about Kenneth Anderson. He was a Irish gentleman settled at Whitefield in Bengaluru. I have read all his stories which also included many stories on black magic. His son's name is Donald Anderson. He is one of my favourite hunting story writer with Jim Corbett and Buddhadev Guha (in Bengali). He died in 1974.
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    I was not aware of this great personality called Kenneth Anderson, who seems to be having passion for hunting man eating tigers and hence earned the name. This is new information to me . Thanks.
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