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    Life may be good, wonderful, awesome and even tricky, but never complain if it hurts you.

    Normally when people are happy, good, wonderful and with awesome feelings, they wont share the same with others. But at the same time when the life is challenging , tricky and not able to cope up with the impending problem. we try to say the same to others as if they are going to sort it our and help us. In fact some would feel happy on your problem and bad times. So never allow others to underestimate your profess. Be yourself and bubbling even during trying times. Others wont dare to make any comments on you even in bad times.
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    I agree with you Mr. Mohan. Life can't be all good and it can't be all bad. It's a combination of both. We should be prepared to face bad as much as we want good things to happen to us. And if something bad happens, it's better to learn from our mistakes instead of just feeling sad.

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    One of the facts of life having ups and downs. When success finds you, pray that it doesn't get into your head, when difficulties haunt you, pray that it vanishes soon.

    It's always good to be level-headed. When joy and fortune share the good news with family and true friends, help the needy. Don't flaunt your success and wealth in a manner that hurts others or makes others feel jealous of you. When going through a rough patch don't despair but depend on God, family and well-wishers you can support you through your difficulties. Don't wear your sorrows in a manner that it spreads negativity and attracts deviant people (who enjoy to see someone suffer).

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    A really nice thread. We should never complain, even if times are hard, rather we should learn and keep going in our life. But, it is human nature to do so. Happiness is a key that makes us forget sadness for a while and we get lost in our happy moments. While when we are sad and tensed, we share it because we think that sharing helps to solve problems. We might get resolution from our friends, colleagues or family. In fact, we realize that this sad moment is another teaching and an experience for us. We sometimes even keep saying to ourself that "life is taking another examination of ours, and we will be able to clear it." So, one should keep moving ahead and forget what happened in past. Take experiences.
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    Life is like Ugadi Special Chutney. It will have all six tastes. all tastes we should enjoy. The life is not always a cake walk it is hard sometimes and it is soft sometimes, it brings happiness sometimes, it will bring sorrow sometimes, It will make you cry sometimes and it will make you laugh another time. To teach and remind you this only the special dish on Ugadi day is designed. So accept everything as it comes and try to make it to our advantage. Then your life will be good. It is better to share your happiness and problems also with others. Our happiness may be appreciated by others. They may come out with a suggestion to overcome your problem. So you can share anything. This depends on the individual's mentality. Some people share their problems only with others.At the same time, they never care to even hear the problems of others. They are self-centred people. We should ignore them and we should not share our joys with such kind of people. But some people always try to understand your problems and may come out with some way outs. We can share our information with such kind of people only. We should be choosy that way.
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    You are right. Not everyone will feel for us when we are at our bad times. hen we share our sorrows with others, some of them may be actually happy at heart. We can't distinguish such people as they will be good to us but only at heart they will be a different person.

    There will be ups and downs in everyone's life, so when we are at our bad times, share it with our parents or spouse or with God. We as humans need someone to share our feelings so that we will get a relief. Holding everything to yourself is not a wise idea as that can get you various diseases.

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    This thread is really helpful for all the human being. Life is not an easy more but we make it easy to share our bad and good moments to our friends and family. We should never complain about our life but yeah I agree with Miss Pooja it is human nature to do so. We all have problems but we learn from it. And one more thing I want to say Love You Jindgi.

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