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    It is a special day tomorrow- (Today) 07-10-17!

    Tomorrow is not in our hands but there is something special about the next day as we wake up to the rising Sun. It is because of the magic while writing the date. If we write the date as 7-10-2017,the reverse would also be the same. And if we write the shorter form as 7-10-17, we would get 7+10=17. Just an information.
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    Good in working with the dates. I now remember Saroja who is expert in such date works.

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    This post is going viral on whatsapp . Today I have seen this message in 3 or 4 groups. But last year also one date is like that ,6-10-2016. Reverse will be 6.10.2016.Am l correct. Same way 6-10-16 & 6 + 10 =,16.. Similarly next year 8-10-2018 reverse will be same. 8-10-18. 8+10=18. Agree.
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    Same thing happened on 01-10-11, 02-10-12, 03-10-13, 04-10-14, 05-10-15, 06-10-16. This will again happen on 08-10-18 and 09-10-19. Those who spread these messages in Whatsapp feel that all other people are idiots.
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    Nice thread on oddities/ uniqueness of numbers. As part of my hobby ( philately), I collect letters that are stamped at the post office with the dates ( the best so far I have is a postal cancellation ( the round black seal mark) 12.12.12 - 12th December 2012!

    There's no science behind me collecting these, just a set of numbers, but unique to me and my collection.

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    If you write today's date as 7.10.2017, it would be a palindrome date. So, best wishes to others on this palindrome day.
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    I agree with Partha Sir. How Nonsense messages spread on social media. It's not all about date only but it is a social message and it is wrong information that we spread and its gone viral.

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    Yes this information is viral on the internet and even whatsapp messages are stating about the importance of todays date. It happens sometimes and we cherish that day.
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