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    Thank you ISCians for reviving the vibrancy of the forum!

    It has been amazing to see wonderful threads and very, very healthy and vibrant discussions. As Juana pointed out in one thread, the presence of new members has set the bar high. They have been submitting intelligent topics that elicit wholehearted discussions as well as responding smartly in their own unique ways. What I noticed was this seems to have inspired existing members, bringing out their liveliness once more, sparring well with fellow members in engrossing discussions. Quite a few alumni have also returned to the fold with zest.

    I hope this trend continues and everyone works together to maintain the healthy, vibrant heart beats of the forum!

    A warm, heartfelt thanks ISCians for reviving the forum to the good old days when I started my journey here.
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    Of late, the Forum section has been rejuvenated by the new Members who have brought new energy in this Section. They have also invigorated the existing Members.
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    To be very frank, today, at about 1500 hours, I just thought why the forum is going well without any disagreements, arguments, fights and quarels. I concluded and satisfied myself that the forum is now filled with new ladies and gentleman and few good old oldies like me. Though I was a member with some problem due to some other trouble creating members, now I don't find them on line to drag me into problems. I remain gentle, silent and peaceful with limited posts and responses. Forum is really vibrant and excellent than before. Hope this will continue with the new members and good old members.
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    Yes, it is true. These days everyone is focussed and trying to bring in their best. Lot of new blood has come to this forum. I think good iron tonics are being given . Good trend and should continue so that the site will become more energetic. Thank you new comers I respect your talent. All the best to all of you ISC Members.
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    Thanks to the wonderful ISC family, I find it very satisfying to exchange views with all members, from freshers to seniors who have been around for 8 years. It just reflects the common passion we have ' gain and share knowledge'. Let's hope to grow as a family.

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    I too find a revival in the interests of respected members. Because of that new and interesting threads are posted and more members participate in the discussions. I feel there are more topics outside the forum which also should come in front of us.

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    ISC rocks I can say. It feels wonderful to be a part of this platform and learn from the respected editors , the senior members and the fellow members. Everybody's thought adds up as a light to all the threads. We get to know our thoughts better and what more we need to learn. Thanks to all the lovely people out here.
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    OH, I am too late to know about ISC but still today I am here and very very thankful to ISC. I know about this site from last 2 days and in Two days I spent My 20 to 24 Hours on this site because of the Interesting Person out here.
    So many Talented Editors, Expert, Our Senior Members Thanks to all of you for Creating a Wonderful family. I am very Surprised when I think that how to manage all that things by our Editors. Wow ! it's Really Amazing.

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