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    Social media - just a virtual world, still much of real feelings

    Watsapp and facebook both have become a great source of social media these days. People use it on a regular basis. Watsapp as the name itself suggests, you can say a 'Hi', a 'Hello', even 'How are you' to complete sentences to all your feelings, make fun of people and even show anger on them. The usage of emoticons and smileys have created a big impact on people. You can show hell lot of emotions through them and see the technicality, they even depict it nicely.
    In general if I say, they depict a sort of virtual world, we cannot see anyone physically, we just got to read their emotions, write out our views or feelings on it,either we accept the things or not and just click on 'Send' button and the message is send. This is how a true virtual world is created when a family group, school friends or college friends group, or office mates group is formed on watsapp. How we will consider that scenario. If you open the chat on a family group, you can see the high potential thoughts, respectable ones, the great teachings, we wish birthdays to everyone, the dp's change. If we scroll on a friends group, there will be multiple messages on making plans to meet up, making fun of each other and insulting each other, admiring each other.
    In an office group, you will find messages related to office work, this group you will open only in need. In need to do office work and respond. Rest only seeing a few funny messages.
    So, this virtual world makes us share our views on every aspect that too in reality of thoughts. Similarly now, if we talk of facebook, as the name suggests "a book that can read your whole face, your nature from your face." Such a distinct imagination from the developer of facebook. People post in lot many things, what has become more common here is now the videos on anything either sports, funny videos or motivational ones, or dance videos. Some people even open up their hearts on facebook, describing their love life, showing their family pics, even the wedding pics. Few days back I was surprised to see a friend of mine, and during Navratris she did the "navmi puja", and she posted the images of little girl kids who came to eat 'prasada'. The kids were eating and she posted their pics. Now, this is too much like showing your face or showing yourself off. Some people fight on facebook as well. There also we form a world much different from the real one but it possess the same qualities as a real one. What role do they all play, do they really impact our lives, our thinking? Nobody sees your face your reactions or what you really mean, even a moment of fun could be taken as a moment of aggression or anger.
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    Many people are living in that virtual world only now. They are not in this materialistic world. They never talk to their family members. They never bother for the persons living by the side of them. They always try to be with the people in the virtual world only. There is no other habit also. Read the posting on facebook, like, share and comment. See the postings in WhatsApp and circulate to other groups in which you are involved. There are young students who spend their 80% time with their smartphone only that too in these two social media only. Another one is Instagram. There should be a limit for each and everything. In Sanskrit, they say, " athi sravatra Varjayeth" Too much is to be discarded. Anywhere we should follow this principle. But people have to realise this and improve their real-world friend rather than friends on virtual social media.
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    I agree with your most of the Points that is The usage of emoticons and smileys have created a big impact on people. Nowadays most of the time we spend on social media it's good as well as bad for us its totally depend on our uses. Yes, it's totally virtual worlds because we do not show actual expression and emotions it's all about on your cell phone to send one person to another. Actually, we have do not a time to a talk with our family but yeah we have enough time to check our cell phone and reply in the group. How irresponsible are we? It's Time to think about it and make changed.

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    Social media could be a boon or a bane depending on who it's used. what's up, Facebook. chat rooms,even this website can either be used constructively or destructively depending on the mentality of the people using it. Whether we like it or not, it impacts our lives, our thought process and our behavior significantly.

    For instance the family group you mentioned, people are cautious on what they post because it has elders and teenagers; hence the inappropriate content is filtered out by the people in the group fearing a fall out.
    The friends group is more casual, people, childhood friends who exchange comments, pictures and videos that would be inappropriate or insensitive. Here people are freely posting without any inhibitions.
    The last group, work or office group, this again is more formal to communicate deadlines, important messages, staffing etc. Here again the people especially the junior most are very cautious about the content they post fearing not to leave a negative impression among seniors and the boss.

    These three examples are self explanatory about how it's affecting human behaviour and the way we think.

    As rightly pointed out in the virtual world, everything is virtual unless proved in real life. Faces may not be the true face, profiles may not be true, a psychopath can don the profile of a desirable boy next door etc.
    Yes social media does influence us and we need to be cautious about what we post ( posting images of kids and intimate pictures) as it could backfire open to misuse and misinterpretation.

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    Whether we like or not, our friends, relatives and well wishers are on the social media and they are in touch with us daily with their quotes, ideas, images and above all views on various matters. Many may not like to discuss issues in the social media and they would call the particular number and talk. Social media may not real or virtual. But it gives lots of inputs, information and images that would sooth our ears and eyes. Casual interaction may be good but one should not get addicted to the social media. What I do is share many things in social media and other would comment and like it.
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