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    Just an ask - from the editors

    Dear editors,
    As you all know, I always like posting on forums. My thread becomes a little long. Since I have seen articles and read a few and they are quite big ones, and I am not used to of writing any article. I feel like writing this much only for now. So, I post everything on forum. Just wanted to know that if I am crossing the word limits, because it is being told to stick to the word limit especially in terms of responses. But, my thread most of the times get a little bigger. Please let me know, if there is any scope for improvement here. Since I had this thought in my mind, it makes me worry if the thread might get deleted for exceeding the word limit. I apologize for being this much worried.

    Will appreciate your response.
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    There is no word-limit as such in Forum section. However, it is expected that Forum posts should be crisp and brief.
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    I think in Forum section there is no any instruction about word-limit. Yes, it is highly recommended that your thread and responses should be on topic and brief.

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    There is any specific word limit in thread section. But it should be as brief as possible. If you are able to make bigger topics you can slowly convert them to articles which will give you more points and CC limits.
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    In Forum section there is no word limit but that doesn't mean you can have lengthy threads. The main purpose of forum threads are for discussion. So I doubt whether the fellow members will be ready to go through a big thread and respond.

    If you are expecting good response on your threads, make the thread short, to the point and precise. If ever it becomes too lengthy, convert it into an article rather than posting as a forum thread. You have good writing skills so you can try the article section which will fetch you more points and cash credits.

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    Yes Pooja, some of your threads are far too lengthy. As Chitra stated, others may not be really interested in reading the entire text. They may just skim through it or just ignore it altogether. Try not to repeat the content in multiple ways or include too many aspects of a topic in a single text.

    That said, one thing I can assure you - you do submit some interesting topics.

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    There seems to be no limit on words in the forum section as we see that a serial forum thread is going on. Having said that it is better to be concise while posting in the forum.
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    I think in the Forum a self-imposed limit to one-two paragraphs by any posting author would be fine. Expect stories and narrations. When it's lengthy, people may forget the message or the questions being asked. For instance, the social media thread has responses more along lines of pros and cons, when your actual question was do social media influence our behaviour.

    Your posts are thought-provoking, I don't mind reading it, maybe the editor's suggestion of brevity for the forums would be good. Maybe you have a passion for expressing on topics of human behaviour and virtues that would be excellent if you present as well laid out articles.

    Please continue your presence in the forum.

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    Thank you everyone for the responses.
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