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    Roads with potholes or Potholes with roads.

    Bangalore city had 9,000 potholes three weeks back,15,000 last week and the latest count is 33,621 potholes. A 100% increase in a span of three weeks. The corporation is filling as many as possible still 50% need to be filled. Bangalore had 1,940 km of arterial and sub-arterial roads in 2014, not sure of the present state. The rains are causing the potholes and preventing their repairs also.

    The potholes cannot be filled effectively as the wetness prevents it to stay intact. I am sure, more or less this would be the condition in many cities. Rains have created havoc or have exposed the quality of roadworks.

    Perhaps if at the vital traffic roads are surfaced with good quality work, we would have lesser problems. Easier said than done.
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    The potholes are mainly due to the quality and the manner in which the roads are laid. Filling the potholes is a temporary measure but not a permanent solution, These days the relaying of the roads is done while the traffic is going in the other lane. Once a part of the lane is completed, the other lane work is started and the traffic is diverted to the freshly laid lane. In the roadworks, the contractors and others including politicians are benefitted except the public. The public can report the poor quality of work but no one does it.

    One retired engineer in Bengaluru developed a compound which when mixed with the tar, makes the surface of the road durable and water resistant to some extent. According to the Minister of Transport, nearly 30 KM of roads are laid daily in our country. It is a very good thing but I am worried about the quality.

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    The quality of roads is very bad. Even in Hyderabad, the condition of all the roads is very bad. I can't give the statistics of Hyderabad, But they are also in a very bad condition. The per metre cost in Government is much higher than generally what we give outside. I have seen rates somewhere they are almost three times the normal rates. But quality is very poor. When the question came for discussion, the answer I heard was there actually the contractor will get 1/4th of the cost only. The remaining will go to different roots. So the problem is in the system. The system is to be changed from roots. That is not being done. Out of 100 rupees, 75 rupees are going to other hands and only 25 coming to the contractor for his expenditure and profits, what can we expect from the contractor. At least they are laying the roads. Last year in Hyderabad without laying the roads, the bills were cleared. That is the way in our country.

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    Sadly three people lost their lives in Bangalore after pothole-related accidents in the last one week. The CM has stepped in and ordered all potholes to be filled in 15 days. The Lokayukta has filed a case against BBMP for poor road maintenance.

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    The contractors who laid the road should be pulled up. Before sanctioning the amount to the contractors after their work, they should pay them only after ensuring that the road withstands the monsoon. If not, they should be denied payment and asked to relay the roads with perfection, and wait for the next monsoon to prove their work.

    Presently, I am in Bengaluru and witnessing the potholes on the roads. It is very difficult to commute in a two wheeler or four wheeler.

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    Come rainy season every metro is battered with storm water and in the process the well laid roads are strewn, worn out and finally path holes greet the road users at every street. Even arterial roads are greatly affected as there is no way for the rain water to get out as road median would stop them and thus stagnated water would create holes and path holes of bigger nature. The civic authorities should foresee such situation and make war footing arrangement. What I have seen that immediately after the rain stops the path holes are filled with ash mixed with tar which wont last long. If cementing is done on the path holes it may stay long.
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    Four people have died due to potholes in Bengaluru in last 10 days, but people have almost resigned. They have taken such accidents as their fate.
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    At least we can agree that the sad state of affairs is mainly due to lack of accountability and corruption. Yes, people can complain but it falls on deaf ears. At least in such situations, media is helping the people by continuously commenting and screening the sad incidents forcing the authorities to act.

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