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    An obstinate old man and an obstinate old tiger (Part-II)

    (Continued from An obstinate old man and an obstinate tiger (Part-I))

    He was enjoying the morning sun lying in front of his cave. It was pleasant. He was feeling sleepy. He had had a sumptuous dinner of a 'sambar' previous night. Closing his eyes, he was reminiscing. He started thinking about his long-lost mother who had been killed by a hunter while searching for food for him and his sisters. His sisters had also followed his mother within a very short time. He had somehow managed to save himself from the wrath of those dangerous two-legged animals with firing sticks. He also had managed to save himself from other dangers of the forest like elephant, bison, wild boar and other tigers. When he had grown up a little bit, he had found this cave and started living there. That had been a long time ago. He never allowed any other tiger to enter the cave, except his chosen companion during the mating season. But he had again seen one of those two-legged animals kill one of his companions with a firing stick without any reason. But this time he had taken the revenge. He simply shook the tree on which the hunter was sitting. The hunter fell and he finished him by breaking his neck in one single slap. But he had not tasted the flesh. Why should he? The human flesh is very salty and soft. Royal Bengal Tigers do not like human flesh. They like buffalo, dear, monkey and wild boar. Only very old and incapacitated tigers eat human flesh. He was neither old nor was he incapacitated. He did not take human flesh, but if any human dared to come near his den he finished him. He was the king of the forest.

    Closing his eyes enjoying the morning sun, his mind travelled backwards. He started thinking about his mother, sisters, and his companions. Suddenly he remembered an old man with white beard. This man was not like other human beings. He never tried to hunt him sitting on a tree. Instead he used to roam with his firing-stick around a big factory where many people had been working. The king of the jungle knew the nature of the coward two-legged animals, but this man was not like others. So, the courageous king of the jungle started liking the courageous old man with white beard. But why did he remember that old man? His sixth sense was telling him that he would again meet that old man in very near future.

    Oh, no! What was he thinking? How could the king of the jungle like a weak two-legged animal? He suddenly felt angry. He roared in anger. "Let him come near this cave. The king of the jungle would teach him a befitting lesson. The king doesn't like the audacity of any other animal."

    (.....To be continued: An obstinate old man and an obstinate old tiger (Part-III))
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    Nice story Mr.Partha, the tiger speaking on first person terms is simply too good.

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    Nice extension from part I. Your writing skills well demonstrated. Again you are making us wait for the next part.
    always confident

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