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    Is That Possible to Add Hindi Language on ISC ?

    Dear Editors, Experts, and our Senior members Today I want to share my thought to all you that is about the Hindi Language. Is that any chance to add Hindi on this sites.
    Because most of the people can't express our thought because of English language. I am just talking about those people who always study with Hindi Medium. They come on this site Hi/She register your self but they cant participate on regular. I think if also add Hindi on this site then more crowd come on this site and better express yourself.
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    Who said Hindi is the National Language? It is an official language along with English. If the ISC starts a new portal in Hindi that is well and good for the people who know Hindi only.
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    Hindi is never declared as National Language. It is an official language. This channel is for English only. We should have a separate channel for Hindi. Both in one channel may not be possible in one place.
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    As already pointed out in the above responses Hindi is only an official language. Our country has not declared any language as National language. There is wrong belief among several people including students that Hindi is our National language. Perhaps some of our teachers are also in the dark. They teach that Hindi is our National language. This knowledge spreads and many are forced to believe it.

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    This is not a question of National Language or Official Language. This is the mind set of we indians that we consider whatever is in English is upto the quality, The author also after expressing himself in English. I do not understand why he should not express himself on Hindi blogs. He should not think that this is the only channel available for him to express himself.

    I know some channels where you can blog in Hindi. If you are fluent in Hindi then there should not be any problem for you to write in Hindi on those.

    Secondly, British Rule was successful in dividing us on so many grounds, Language was one of those. Hindi, even though a language of majority people in India could not have its rightful place in India.

    Thirdly, do not hesitate in writing in English in a meaningful manner. This channel is in Indian English.

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    Well you can share anything in Hindi but appropriate translation into English would be beneficial as this site supports only English version and all our earnings are based on Google indexing our write ups and articles based on English version.
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    Let's stick to English on this ISC website.
    Please continue in English, this would certainly enhance your skills. Learning or Improving in any language will not be a wasted effort.
    There would be many who would not be fluent in Hindi ( like me), then we would need a translation. Google translations are word for word, the meaning and message would change often.
    Lastly today there is a request for Hindi, tomorrow it'll be for Tamil, Telugu, etc etc. The administrator would have a hard time trying to appease every request.

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    Not everyone will understand Hindi, but majority of the members understand English. Secondly our articles and posts are searched by non members and they use English language. When the articles and posts are in English we attract global leaders as well and not just Indians. There might be Hindi websites and blogs which can be used for people who knows Hindi to express their views and thoughts.
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    This site is using english in its all sections and if hindi is introduced then it will not be possible to compare various entries on one to one basis. Another problem is the search engine elsewhere may not pin point hindi pages making the traffic to them miserable. So question is not that of hindi or english or national language, it is basically a technical problem and the site administrators and proprietors will have a tough time to align everything accordingly.
    There are many sites where it is possible but in creative sites where lot of emphasis is being given to good english how it will possible to introduce another language and to that matter any other language of India.

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    ISC is an educational portal that helps the members to improve their English writing skills. Many People who speak Hindi are finding difficult to learn good English. ISC is the right place to join and develop their knowledge by learning and earning and by earning and learning. This is a good platform to make our English good.

    Let our Hindi not disturb the English. As rightly said by some member, today Hindi, tomorrow Tamil, day after Punjabi, Should we invite trouble to ISC?

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