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    "Untruth spoken repeatedly appears to be the truth."

    There is a story in"Panchatantra" wherein a person was fooled by three thugs who repeatedly tell an untruth to him about the goat he was carrying. The person listening to the untruth repeatedly loses confidence in himself and leaves the goat which the thugs take away. There are people in the society who spread false information and try to take advantage of the people who believe their false propaganda.

    Always believe in your self and be your self. Whatever other people say don't fall prey to them, Believe in your ideas and values to achieve the goals in your life. These days false information is propagated through social media. Do not believe such news and do not try to forward them to others.
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    This is a saying that if many people say the same thing that will become truth. If 4 people are lying and one person is telling truth, even then in this world, the majority say will go. If it is your own affair, you can do whatever you want. Whatever candidate you like you can vote him but final success will be for the person who got more votes. This is the sysy=tem in this world, nobody can change. Only in Rama Rajya, single person's voice is also heard. There is nothing in our hands to change the system. As far as you are concerned you can go the way you like.
    always confident

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    Spreading false information for your personal advantage is not at all a wise thing to do. Tomorrow when you are actually in need, there will be no one to help you and that is the motto of the story in Panchatantra.

    We should always be able to keep our dignity. If people come to know that we lied, then what will they think of us. So instead of cheating people and taking advantage of them, be yourself and be happy with what you have.

    "Do not give up, things might not favour you always"

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    Many times half lies or rumors are packaged well and put out to us or the public in a manner that many unsuspecting people believe it as truth. This has been used from ancient times 'mind warfare', mind games and in World War II where both sides indulged in false propaganda. It often happens at an innocuous level among friends that results in disappointment or at a much serious level leading to loss of job, breaking down of an alliance or a marriage.

    Agree with the author and the replies, we need to focus on the message, analyse the facts and then use our own judgement.

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    In fact I would say this in other way. When a sales person shows over enthusiasm to sell his product, there would be some setback and demerits in the product. To conceal that the sales man tries all the tricks to convince the customer. In marketing there is a strategy that if you cannot convince a customer , confuse them. In that melee some would tell untruth things against the product but we the customers believe because the way the sales man explains with data and images , we are bound to believe. So what the author said is true and what I mentioned is also true which is happening daily.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Hitler is supposed to have said "If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed." How truly this has been taken up by various entities!

    Even with Hitler himself it has been told that he and his wife committed suicide towards the end of World War 2. The western media promoted that story and it became accepted truth. Recently it is found that Hitler and a bunch of others slipped away to South America and died of age in Argentina.

    If the main character of WW2 is a fake then God knows what else is pushed on to us as truth starting with the number of people killed or how they were killed and the underhand deals made to ensure safe passage for Hitler's team. The stories floating around are that the USSR got the technology while the US/UK got the scientists.

    In US school teacher guides, the teachers are instructed to always use the word 'dinosaur' with 'millions of years ago'. It has been documented. Anyways, now when you hear about dinosaurs do you also hear/see the 'millions of years ago' or equivalent tag along with it?

    The same goes for the presence of the globe model of earth being placed in every classroom, and all the major TV educational channels keep pushing that out in front. In reality the size/distance/direction of the solar system as we studied in school do not match up to what it is supposed to be. The recent solar eclipse across USA landmass clearly didn't match the input we've known as pushed by NASA. The shadow of moon cannot go from west to east as it happened. It should have been from east to west according to the numbers we have. So there's another massive lie pushed upon us and most don't even realize it.

    The new trend in motive for criminal behavior is placed upon the genes you are having. Just blame it on the genes, you didn't have anything to do with your crime….But you did have a choice in the matter to not do criminal action. One can see several instances in the western trials and it is coming to our area also soon.

    So it is good to check up what the reality is and what is not. There is always one sticky point to differentiate between the truth and lie – if anything tells that we as an individual have no choice in life matters and we have to accept to a part of the overall process, this is wrong. The right info tells us that we have choice and that there is a creator to whom we are answerable.

    This is one of the activities of the Illuminati as queried in another thread.

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    "Untruth spoken repeatedly appears to be the truth."
    This is exactly what Modi Bhakts are doing in India now.

    I love chocolates and ice creams!

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    It may happen that some people are so influenced by a particular person or by a particular group, that they bring that person or that group in every discussion. Here also in the midst of general discussion, a particular person is brought into the picture.

    It is sign of extreme influence and affection towards that particular person. No problem!

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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