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    Is there a time limit for replying Ask the experts section?

    We had a post reminding us many times not to reply for forum threads that are more than 10 day old.

    Recently, I'm noticing questions under Ask the experts section being answered even when they are a few weeks old of few months old.

    Is there a deadline as I don't think the responses who be timely to the person posting it.

    Editors or Administrators please guide us.
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    Replying to ask expert questions depends on the urgency and the need of the author who raised any post in that section. Some ask experts questions are to be attended forthwith and the reply should be given apt. Some questions are general in nature and the answers can be appended any time by the responding members as and when spotted by them. Nevertheless it is better to know fully well the answer before attempting in that section, otherwise there would be even ban imposed by the ISC against the member for violating the rules. Good threads of general nature can be responded at any time.
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    I do not think so. The questions posted in Ask Expert section is not only useful for the person who posted it but for many others who had or still have the same question in mind. Therefore I feel, there shouldn't me any time limit as members can add in their knowledge and in future when someone else is searching for the same question, they might find these answers useful. But as far as the person who has posted the question is concerned, they need to get a feedback within a certain span of time or else it might not be of help to them.
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    I never read anywhere about the time limit for ask experts questions. The question is to be answered as early as possible because the person who posted the question may be in a hurry to know the answer. Once the reply is made, the person who asked the question will be happy with that. After that, if anybody wants to add additional inputs I think there is no further time limit. I think we can answer that as long as it is visible on the list. Anyhow, if there is any limit, the Editors will come out as a reply to this thread.
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    As such there is no official rule about answering questions within a certain time & not answering old questions. There may be lot of questions which have gone unanswered, so an informative answer will add content to an otherwise empty page. Further, we do approve answers to even questions posted a year ago if these answers are providing some additional, useful information. Even correcting incorrect answers that may have been given earlier are permitted. What is not advisable to do is to post an answer with information that has already been provided in great detail. If it is found that a member is deliberately posting answers to old questions when further answers are not really required, then the member's posting permission will be removed.

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    As such there is no limit of time for answering questions in Ask expert section. Only thing is if a person is answering after a time gap he should first go through all the answers which are there and refrain for posting a similar answer or repeating same points.

    In case a person is having a new point or new dimension in answering that question then there is no problem in doing that. All the persons going through that answer will also be benefited.

    What I have seen practically is that once there are 5-6 answers from the experienced members of Ask expert section thereafter it is difficult to give a point which is not there. So it is advisable to refrain from answering in such situation. Moreover we should not answer for only answering sake.

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    There is no time-limit for answering questions asked in 'Ask Expert' section. Having said this, it is also true that answering very old questions is generally discouraged. Especially senior Members are expected not to answer very old questions.
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    Thanks for all your replies. If there is a new information or genuinely useful different facts that answer the query, then it can be posted. Got it.

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