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    Modi government wants simultaneous polls to states and Center by Oct next year ?

    During the Independence day speech our PM Modi has gone on record that his government wants to reduce the cost of holding elections to states and general elections in staggered manner and the cost is galloping every year. Now the government has advised the Election Commission on its view, whether they are ready to hold the elections to all the state assemblies and MP elections in one go. That would be major saving for the government as staggered elections are costing the exchequer too much which we cannot afford anymore.
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    The election commission already indicated that they are ready to conduct both the Mp and MLA elections in all states at a time. They told that they will get the required equipment by end September 2018. So from October 2018, they are ready. This announcement has come in the paper. After that announcement people started thinking about the election for Parliament and State Governments at a time. As you said expenditure may be less. Another advantage is people also will feel free from all this propaganda and other gimmicks in one go. Otherwise, they have to face it two times. The elections are due in some states and centre in 2019.Now, what will the decision of the Government regarding conducting elections be to wait and see? It is good if both the elections are over in single time.
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    The reason behind holding elections of the Loksabha and the state assemblies is political. The intermittent elections keep some sort of break on the authoritarian tendency of the central govt.. This is especially true in case of the present govt.

    The issue is not a new issue, This issues has been there since long. It is picking up again so that the PM can show the country the concern of the govt. on election spendings. The ruling party has the most dubious record of funding in the last elections.

    There is no guarantee of continuity of these govts so formed for the complete term. We have seen how the govt. squeezed the common man for last three ans half years by levying exorbitant taxes. Now all of a sudden they are giving all concessions owing to approaching assembly elections in some of the states. If there would have been no such elections the govt. would have continue the same way.

    This is also a gimmick like the Acche Din and Black money to divert the attention of the common man from the core issues of their betterment.

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    As far as I know, in earlier days till 1977, the Lok Sabha and Assembly elections used to be held simultaneously. I still recall thee election of 1977, when both the elections were held simultaneously. Since 1980, the rule changed. This happened because the Janata Government of 1977 was not able to rule for complete 5 years and Lok Sabha election was held in 1980.

    If both the elections are held simultaneously, the Government exchequer would be able to save crores and crores of rupees. Moreover, the projects/schemes will not be hampered due to elections of different bodies at different times (new projects can't start once election notification comes) . Even the Election Commission has expressed readiness to conduct both elections (Lok Sabha and Assembly) simultaneously.

    We must not dismiss everything as gimmick. If this tendency of dismissing everything as gimmick continues, then ultimately people will also dismiss those 'gimmick-mongers'.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Keeping aside political differences the parties must support this move and agree to simultaneous elections so that cost would be greatly curtailed.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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