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    Why the pigeons fly very low apparently hitting at objects or even human beings ?

    In Hyderabad there are many places where the pigeons are fed by the people with grains and other eating items and thus they flock in large numbers. Since they feed on the road side and suddenly they take flying in group. Some times they take off in such a low height, they are regularly hitting at the objects, poles and even the human beings on the roads. I was hit by a pigeon and its leg hit my helmet upper glass but luckily it escaped unhurt but I was worried. Why pigeons fly very low height ? Is there any reason for that ?
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    In Hyderabad probably they are not getting the type of food they want to eat. It is fully a concrete jungle and even no trees. To see whether anything is available to them to eat and probably don't want to miss the food they get very rarely, they may be flying at lower heights. Another reason may be because of pollution problem outside temperature is very high and as they go up in the air it may be increasing. To avoid that heat they may be flying at a lesser height.
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    Didn't know but on reading found some very interesting facts. pigeons are intelligent and have good vision, in fact, they can differentiate two different human beings.

    It apparently looks chaotic when the flock flies but the group follow more than one leader in the group and then another one. So when on leader changes position, the rest of the flock follow it. It apparently takes about 0.4 seconds to follow the leader's change in direction and there can be more than one leader in the flight. The article doesn't talk about hitting objects.

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    If the vision is good then why they end upon hitting the object or even the moving human beings ?
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