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    Voting eligibility Minimum Education is to be fixed

    In Indian anybody who completes 18 years is eligible for voting. Many of the voters are iilterates. They don't even understand actually what is the vote and what power it has.

    If you go to some remote villages where these uneducated people are there. In that village there will be a leader for each caste. Whatever he says all the remaining people of that caste will obey that. The politicians will take care of those leaders as per their political affiliations. In truth he will see that all his caste people will cast their vote to the candidate suggested by him

    No one believes that even today many SC and SC candidates even don't know the benefits they are eligible and avail.

    To avoid this and to make the selection process meaningful, I feel a minimum educational qualification should be prescribed for getting the voting power. People who don't have voting power can't contest in election. I want to know the views of ISC members.
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    I feel that this is a very important topic which is required to be discussed in detail. This proposal has various pros and cons. In India more than 30% of the population are not literate. That means almost 36 crores of people are not educated. Out of these 36 crores, at least 18 crores of people are above 18 years of age. Should we prevent 18 crores of people from voting, for not being educated (for which their circumstances may be responsible)?

    On the other hand, it is also true that without proper education, people are not capable of chosing best possible candidate who would work for the welfare of people after getting elected.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Good initiative and suggestion from the author. Why the Election Commission has never gave a thought on this important matter raised by the author. Time and again we are blaming the politicians for their unruly behavior and not keeping the poll promises, but on the other hand the ignorance on the part of the voters who keep on selecting and voting those who are useless and unfit to be in the power and thus wasting others ability to the peril. Election Commission must fix a minimum education qualification to be eligible as a voter. Before each elections, the EC must organize meets at every Mandal level on the important of why to participate in the election, how important is the vote and whom to select as the representative of the area. All these matters must be given tutorials so that good awareness has been created. And also EC must say on the usage of NOTA button on the voting machine which is very important.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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