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    'ican' gets the Nobel Peace Prize

    The Nobel peace prize for the year goes to 'International campaign to abolish nuclear weapons' ( ican). It is a union of 468 organizations working in 101 countries. All these organizations are aiming at the abolition of nuclear weapons. This organization started working in Australia. Later from 2007 onwards it started working officially from Vienna of Austria. From India four organizations have joined this union. These are "Indian doctors for peace and development", " Indian Institute for peace", "Disarmament and environmental protection" and "Popular education and action centre".

    When the US and North Korea are at loggerheads it is apt to recognise the organization such as
    " ican". The Executive Director of ' ican' is Beatriz Finn.
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    Good that International organizations are grouping up against the possible nuclear threat and prevailing on those countries who are playing dirty game with nuclear capabilities to destroy this peaceful world. But what is the use of even the world is on one side and US and North Korea on the others side who are threatening each other with the possible nuclear attack. What would happen that with their ego at the hilt, the neighboring countries would be severely affected with such dirty acts and India is also vulnerable to such acts. Good that Noble Foundation has recognized Ican initiatives and awarded the peace prize. But how far these organizations would ensure total peace in the world order. Should they also take UN into consideration and organize regular meets in International fora about the possible destruction and after effects of nuclear attacks.. May good sense prevail on those adamant countries.
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    ICAN has got the Nobel Peace Prize but it does not have the capability of controlling North Korea, Pakistan and other rogue nuclear nations. It also doesn't have any controlling mechanism over terrorist groups which are planning to acquire nuclear capability. This is the hard fact.
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    It is really a great thing that noble peace prize is given to a body who is actively engaged in abolishing the nuclear weapons and trying to get things running at United Nations level.

    Just for the information of the members I was so inspired by this news that I wrote one small article on ICAN and submitted to ISC article section. The article is under consideration of editors.

    Those who are interested to read more about ICAN and its efforts can go to that article by clicking here.

    Knowledge is power.

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    The "realities" of Global security must be considered in all bids to ban nuclear weapons – NATO
    NATO would be a nuclear alliance as long as nuclear weapons existed.
    Banning nuclear weapons is a "wishful thinking" that is "close to irresponsible" – France.
    Can India shun nuclear weapons?
    As long as Humanity rules the world, nuclear weapons will be there.

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    International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons(ICAN) getting the Nobel Peace Prize for 2017, is a recognition of its efforts at the most appropriate time. On 07-07-2017, Treaty on the prohibition of Nuclear Weapons was signed by many countries. India and Pakistan are among those countries which support the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty(CTBT) but did not sign it.
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    It is good to note that International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons(ICAN) got the Nobel Peace Prize for 2017. It is true that it is a recognition of the work done by the organisation. But still, the threat of Nuclear war is not completely ruled out. These days North Korea is threatening that it may use Nuclear Bomb. It is not at all good for the globe to have this kind of threats. Are we not learning from the earlier mistakes. Can this organisation do anything to stop such kind of unwanted threats by some nations?
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