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    Utilising the frustration energy!

    In this fast moving world, everyone is under a lot of stress. There are many things which may frustrate an individual. It may be the feeling of lagging behind from other people, not able to give time to loved ones, not able to work upto one's potential and the list goes on. If not dealt with this frustration, it can be really harmful for one's betterment and growth. To overcome this frustration, people get involved in various activities which give temporary relief but are not good for the long term. If one wants, this frustration energy can be utilised to do something productive. When you are really frustrated and angry, go hit the gym and take all of your frustration out there; exercise as hard as you can; after doing this, your mind will get relaxed and you'll feel better about yourself. Moreover, this will help in keeping you healthy and fit; you will get tired and feel sleepy. The next day you can start the day from zero with a fresh approach. If you play an instrument, start playing it and sing your heart out. This will polish your skills as well as make you feel really calm and relaxed. You can start doing the thing that you are good at and that calms you down; writing is one of those things. Whenever, feeling overwhelmed, take a pen and start penning down all your thoughts. Letting everything out is a very good way to overcome frustration. Moreover, it will improve your writing skills. Above mentioned are some of the ways to utilise the frustration energy; there can me many more. Think about it and find a way for yourself and be productive instead of being frustrated.
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    Yes frustration is going to be experienced and happen to every one as we are passing through stress and competition at every level of life and our performance has to match on par with the regulars and ranker. In the regard we make ourselves vulnerable to more usage of energy and more work which our body may not permit and sometimes we feel like resigning from the task and even have break from the routine life. When ever we are down, there is nothing soothing like listening to music. Listen to some good instrumental music, surely you will regain energy and also so much confidence moving ahead. I have the habit of listening to the Instrumental rendition from the Brahma Kumaris which are mostly concerned to the yogic trance and the music were really working wonders in my life.; Even my children would like that music when played and it rejuvenates our life again.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Waw, this is a very good thread in these days life is too busy and we all are frustrated and it's very harmful to our growth.
    1- Then what is the way to change our negative energy to positive?
    2- How can we transform frustration into a positive direction.
    Frustration is unrealized potential.The best way to change like don't focus on your past behaviors, results, or patterns. The past is a platform, not a destination.

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    We are all very busy these days. But we should not take everything to our heart. We should not get frustrated for any reason. We should understand the things properly and try to go in a methodical way so that we will be doing justice to our commitment. It may be fruitful sometimes but other times it may be another way.This quality of comparing ourselves with others and feeling frustrated is only bringing all types of problems. Sometimes this quality is leading to suicides also. So let us not take everything to our mind. As explained in Gita, Be doing your duties, don't expect any result. Think always that whatever is happening, it is happening for our betterment only. Let us get rejuvenate our energies with positivity and go on performing our best.
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    A very positive idea to channalize frustration energy in something creative. Today everyone at some stage will come across frustration and it is many times has a retarding effect on ones enthusiasm.
    So what comes to the mind is one has to ignore such incidence which create frustration in ones mind and rather concentrate and focus on his other priorities. This is very necessary because wasting time on unnecessary bothering about things happened will not help.
    So best thing is diverting mind from such situations to other important works.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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