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    Be careful. While doing on line booking for flight tickets, dates are changed and money gone ?

    This is to bring to the notice of ISC members that there is scam going on in on line booking system where in some airlines are giving cheap offers of flight tickets and when we book the same the date of journey is mentioned something else and thus we are not eligible to claim the money and it is gone. My friend who had booked the flight from Ahmadabad to Hyderabad last week was given the ticket for Dec 4th and thus his travel could not be undertaken. Mind it he has typed the travel date 4th Oct and got the ticket printed for 4th Dec which he never requested. ?
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    This is highly unlikely. Airlines do not indulge in such scams. This would become a national scandal and they would stand to lose so much business, with fliers becoming wary of booking with them.

    It is possible that the person did not check the month when booking the ticket. You are also required to check the itinerary before confirming the booking and making the payment. This looks like an error on the part of your friend. Do not believe all that is told to you and give an organisation bad publicity. Such things do not happen.

    Yes, in most cases refund is not allowed, especially if the ticket is highly discounted. Your friend can make a 'no show' claim, by which he will be reimbursed some of the money. This is the refund given to passengers who miss their flight or do not board it for some reason. It will be a measly sum, but then something is better than nothing.

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    If the ticket is purchased in a promotional sale, the airlines will be specifying the period of validity. Probably your friend might have committed a mistake while booking the ticket.
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    Chances of these happenings are very remote. The person who has carried out the booking may not be very well versed with the process. In such cases chances of mistakes are very high. It is true we should be very careful in all the activities.
    I narrate a small incident actually happened for us. My son and wife had to go to our native place for a function. Those days there was no online bookings. I gave the names and date of journey and sent my assistant to book the tickets. He brought the tickets and I gave it to my wife. On the date of the journey just an hour before we all started and gone to the station. They got into the train and sat on the seats. Immediately two people came and claimed that those seats were theirs. Then my wife took out the ticket and seen the date. The date of booking was one day before. What to do? No clue. These things will happen sometimes because of human mistakes.

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    Has your friend booked the ticket through any mediator website or directly from the website of the airlines? It is very unlikely to happen if he has purchased the ticket directly from the airlines website. Also if there is a scam in their website he can always inform them about it and get it claimed.
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    I personally feel that the friend of Mr. Mohan committed a mistake while filling up the online form, or, any other person who filled up the form on his behalf, made the mistake. If it is the fault of the airline, it would have caused a major problem by now.
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    Online booking especially the airlines are transparent as the reputation of the airline and website site is at risk. I've used MakeMyTrip and for the cheapest offer and so far no issues.

    The usual flaw or minor issue in such websites is the drop-down menu and the option single trip and round about/return trip option. It has happened to me once on the drop-down menu for a flight + hotel booking. I had used the mouse with the click and the scroll wheel.

    The date changed from 8 to 12 without my knowledge. However, the booking gave me the option. Your tickets are going to be confirmed, please check the details. I could change it before finally committing to the booking.

    I think your friend may have had a similar issue with the drop-down menu.

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    So far I have not heard anything like that. As per the computerised reservation systems and pre selection of seats in the aircraft, this type of things seems unlikely.
    If it has happened it is to be found out what was the mistake committed in reservation so that others should not be doing the same.
    If the agents or sub agents are indulging in such practices then it becomes a very serious matter and is to be reported to airlines authorities as well as to police.

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    When a person wants to return home on urgent basis, surely he would be careful to mention the date of journey. Here I do not want to mention the airline but the mistake has happened.
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    This thread is another instance where an accusation has been raised against a reputed organisation in a social platform without rechecking or confirming facts. I think we need to be more careful while coming out with such allegations because the likelihood of people who are not aware or may not bother to check out facts believing in such non-confirmed facts are really high.
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    Saji please read the thread in detail. No where any accusation or mention of the airline has been made though I have the proof to reveal. I concealed just for the sake of ISC rules.
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    Since you have not mentioned any particular airline, it makes it worse. The accusation you have made is against ALL airlines. How fair is that? How can you paint an entire industry of indulging in a scam, by posting this alert on ISC?

    Airline booking is done through an automated system, and if the system is flawed, there would be a number of, similar complaints. This is evidently human error and in all probability, it is your friend who would be at fault. I know of people who did not crosscheck the time of their flight. mistaking 5:00 hours for 17:00 hours. Airlines will not make such blunders, the error has to be from the end of the person booking the ticket. It is likely that he did not check the month when the calendar popped up on the screen.

    Anyway, if your friend is confident that he is in the right, he can always approach the consumer court. Airlines and all other businesses keep the records of all transactions, especially booking details.

    You have only your friend's version of what happened. Sometimes when you are booking tickets online and after you've entered everything that needs to be provided, you suddenly decide to change some details. So, you go back to include the changes. But, in this process, the date and flight details often get reverted to the original (automated) options that are highlighted when you, select your sector. You have to manually, change the details and confirm that they are as per your plans, before making the payment.

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    My logic and experience makes me believe that the airline would not be the culprit. They do not stand to gain from anything like the one situation narrated in the thread. Instead it will be counter productive on them and they stand to lose not only reputation and goodwill but even incur penal provisions. So let us rule out any involvement of the airlines in this.

    The most probable cause would be the inadvertent mistake that would have happened while typing or updating or amending some details. I have observed that sometimes when we try to update or amend some details, the drop down menu in certain columns which we already filled would have jumped back to default or remained as we filled early. Not only that when we try to click and fix a particular detail, sometimes by chance it jumps to another choice by some reason.
    In this case also something like that would have happened, which the person would not have noticed in his tense and hurry situation.

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