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    In every person, there is an internal spoilsport nature Do you agree?

    When the rain comes in between of play and the play is in a very tense situation we all say rain plays a spoilsport that means you say that someone is a spoilsport, you mean that they are behaving in a way that ruins other people's pleasure or enjoyment.In other words, if someone is winning and you can play a spoil him/her winning chances by making others win is also called as spoilsport?Are you a spoilsport person?In every person, there is an internal spoilsport nature Do you agree knowledgeable members, please respond to the question?
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    In every human being there is some element of spoilsport nature hidden beneath his smiling and graceful face. It may look an unfortunate thing but it is a natural instinct on which only expert psychologist might give the final verdict.

    Anyway it is the arrogance and aggressiveness which adds fuel to fire. Even the peaceful looking person will do such things that his friends and relatives who know him for a long time are baffled and completely surprised with his sudden change in behaviour.

    Some people are positive in their attitude while some are having destructive feelings in their mind and they will do all sort of destruction if a conducive environment is available to them. They are the biggest contributors in any spoilsport incident.

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    Maybe true. Every person will try to appear very cool and genuine. Many of us will always say that let the merit win. But internally we will have some affiliations and we always wish that our affiliation should win. in this process knowingly or unknowingly we will be trying to help our man by creating some difficulties or problems. But it may not be a good way to do this type of obstacles to the deserving candidates. But it is always the human nature to support "Our People". Not to have this spoilsport nature is of human nature, I feel.
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    After reading this post a joke has flashed into my mind which is often shared by many in Tamil Nadu. When people go and inquire for the groom at the nearby places of his house, naturally some good and bad reactions would come. But there are spoil sport persons who would share the information in such a way, it will surely bring bad name. In one incident when asked about the groom one person has said that the boy is good in all aspect but he wont listen to others nor has the capacity to gauge the things on his own. That ends the matter as totally the information was very damaging against the groom and the marriage proposal cancelled.
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    It wilk be hard to find a person who has no bad points, similarly in everyone of us there will be spoilsport nature but some of us might not be taking it out may be because we don't have an apt situation. Situations make a person good or bad.
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    Spoil-sport, interesting term similar to jealousy, envy. Most humans will have this talent in a good natured way, some make take it to the next level wherein they affect the person concerned fully knowing the consequences and do it intentionally. I think apart from the initial momentary satisfaction of getting back at the person, there is no real gain.

    Unfortunately such people do exist and we have learn to live with them. If we have been affected by a spoil-sport attitude of a person, then if we look back often we would have crossed paths with such an individual and our interaction may be not been all that cordial.

    In this context, we have to be careful when we speak outright with relatives or colleagues at work because our stern remarks or unpleasant truths can affect them and such individuals will always jump at a chance to be a spoil-sport in our affairs.

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