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    Diwali Arrived A Fortnight Before Time in Gujrat. Happy Gujrat Elections!

    I heard of Modi-economics, Modi-development Model and so many other facets of our PM. But this time he has made a Modi-Panchang in which Diwali arrived a fortnight before of its schedule in Gujrat. Happy Gujrat Elections!

    The political compulsion is compelling our adamant PM and FM to change the Excise duty on Petrol and Diesel are now talking of common man's problem. They are accepting the failure of demonetisation. They have changed the rates of GST in pretext of three month's research. They are accepting to reimburse the excess GST collected. All these have direct bearing on Gujrat in particular and the whole country in general. This shows that the criticism of the economists was correct. The people who questioned the demonetization and GST were asked to go to Pakistan and the sufferings of common men during demonetisation were equated to the sufferings for the Rashtra Yangya.

    PM has started visiting Gujrat very often. The sources say that he visited Gujrat three times in last one month. He announced and inaugurated projects of thousands of crore for Gujrat. Whatever, at least for the election public will enjoy the bounty. This also proves the importance of intermittent elections in the country. Unsrupulous politicians Jindabad! Happy Gujrat Elections!

    Please opine.
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    Over confidence should not kill a person aspirations. Modi may be famous with his works and abilities but that wont ensure win in elections. Connecting with voters is important. Gujarat has special place for PM as he hails from there and naturally he has to visit the state, otherwise voters would brand him head strong and not respecting their sentiments. Moreover BJP is taking Gujarat elections very seriously as they cannot afford to loose to Congress or other parties on petty issues. So there is going to be hectic activities in near future and more visits and announcing sops for the voters would also follow.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    "Deepavali" arrived a fortnight before" declared the Prime Minister. He opined that the festival of lights arrived a fortnight early due to the Governments decision to bring down GST on certain items including"Khakra". Now we need not celebrate Deepavali as it came on 3rd of this month.
    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    "Now we need not celebrate Deepavali as it came on 3rd of this month."-I think that our Prime Minister has not said this. It is an interpretation.

    I fail to understand the logic that if Deepavali arrives earlier, it is not required to be celebrated. This year Durga Puja was held in September, whereas in every year it comes in October. Although this year Durga Puja came in September, all of us celebrated the festival, isn't it?

    Deep hatred causes loss of logical thinking process! (sigh......)

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    If the Deepavali arrives early why we should not celebrate. Deepavali and all Hindi Festivals are on the basis of Lunar theory. So those festivals will never follow English calendar. So there is no question of coming early or coming lat. Always Deepavali will come on Aswayuja Bahula Amavasya.
    Deepavali here is to be taken as happiness. Because of GST rates change for some items and starting good projects in Gujarat, happiness and festive mood has come there. That is what PM was explaining. But he never said that Deepavali needs not be celebrated.
    If something good is done we should appreciate the concerned. Ok. If somebody has done some mistakes, if they correct the mistakes, it will be much better than always supporting mistakes and telling that they are not mistakes and continue to do the mistakes. It better late than never.
    Let something happen good for the country. Let us join hands in congratulating them for the deeds.

    always confident

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    Dr. Rao: I have found this post extremely funny. Only one example: "PM has started visiting Gujrat very often.". As if there is some Constitutional ban in frequently visiting Gujarat (not Gujrat). Some people are also complaining that Amit Shah is frequently visiting Kerala! I don't know whether election is scheduled to be held in Kerala right now.

    Earlier also we heard that PM Modi frequently visited UP because of impending election. But even after the election, Modi has continued visiting UP. Last month itself he went to UP.

    So far as GST is concerned, at the very beginning it was announced that the tax rate would be re-visited regularly. A high-powered committee was constituted for the very purpose. So, if the rate is revised, then where is the scope of complaint?

    Deep hatred makes people more ridiculous. Such hatred causes loss of common sense and logical thinking ability.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    The Prime Minister said Deepavali came fortnight earlier. Actually, Deepavali is on 19-10-2017. It is certainly a satirical interpretation on my part. From what the Prime Minister said it is deduced. Had he said that GST revision brought happiness to the people, then one can understand. Here what NVS Rao said is also an interpretation. Out of the items on which GST is reduced, manmade filament, synthetic yarn and fibre, cullet, scrap glass etc., are favourable to Gujarat which is going to polls later this year. Of all the things Khakra which is eaten mainly in Gujarat and Rajasthan only, the GST is brought down from 12% to 5%. Is this not appeasement for votes. Time and again, the blind followers of the party blame other parties on appeasement. It is time for the blind followers of the party in power to come senses and think in a logical manner. They seem to have lost the capacity to distinguish between the good and bad.

    The Prime Minister visited Gujarat many times in the past one year. There is no ban on the PM visiting a particular State but he is the PM of the country. Is he afraid of election results in Gujarat? The High Court also once observed that he is the PM of the country but not of BJP. There are danger signals to the economy because of demonitisation and GST implementation in a hurry. The PM is always in denial mode or blaming the previous Government for the failures of the present Government. It is the time he concentrates on the country.

    @Partha, you never find hatred in my responses. I always remain balanced. It is in your posts trying to degrade or defame prominent leaders who are no more. Your usage of words like sickular and liberal indicate the state of your mind. Spread love but not hatred.

    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    There will be always two views of anything done in Politics. All plans look perfect at the drawing board. Its flaws will be noted only after practical implementation (like a test run or pilot project). If the government has taken the answers to the practical hurdles of every program, then I'm happy, don't mind which party or PM or FM,
    If the presence of the PM bolsters the confidence of investors, then there is no harm in giving the 'Facetime'. Many politicians and celebrities do this.

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    The PM has uttered the headline of this thread in his speech with reference to recent changes in GST. The members can verify this on reliable news sites. Secondly, this thread has no hatred element in this. This explained the summersaulting of PM and FM. I can just request the particular member not to bring any hatred angle in the discussion. Please opine in a non-provocating gentle language.

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