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    Introductory Thread

    Hello, Bonjour! My name is Ayesha. I am a new member at this site. It was referred to me by another member. So, about me; I am a student doing my pre medical. Writing is something that is totally natural to me. People usually ask me when did I start writing, I won't say that it was one specific moment. I can remember myself reading and writing since forever. And it is something I love dearly, from keeping a diary to writing stories to creating pages. It's something I've been doing and I want to keep doing. Now I need your help to get to know this forum and to put my one hundred percent into it. I would be so glad if someone would guide me about the do's and dont's. Thanks in advance!
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    A warm welcome to this family from my side. I hope to learn a lot from you then on writing skills. I am exact oppposite to you on communicating via writing of having very poor communicating skill via writing . I am also happy to see a person with french accent with myself coming from a french conclave (culturally).
    Regarding your queries I have given here a link to begin with.
    About site .

    Further we have our Managing Editor who is very helpful at any situation exspecially for beginners.

    Regarding posting guidelines refer the posting guidelines given under every section when posting anything.
    Here is the list on links to have a look.

    Some general Instructions include.
    1. Not posting copied content.
    2. Not using abusive content.

    Apart our senior members and wonderful editors are always there to help out.

    My best wishes and have a good time here.

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    Hi, First of all, welcome on ISC this response is not guiding for you its only about welcome. Because I am also new here and I join 5the Oct but still here is a senior member who guides you.

    If you really interested then you start writing articles in own language. You can ask experts if you need any help. You can participate in the quiz which is organized by our editors. Once again I want to say welcome to our ISC Family.

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    Welcome and wish you a enthralling and happy time in ISC.

    This is a great place for people interested in creative writing, exchange of ideas in forums, educational information, participating in various writing contests etc etc. The variety is there and you will definitely get a section where you can participate preferably.

    Regarding do's and dont's there is a help section and various articles through which you can go and get yourself acquainted with the general guidelines and policies.

    I have joined the site about 10 months back and I am very much satisfied with this platform not only to quench my thirst for creative writing but also to earn some part time money through the various earning methods and programs in this site.

    Please note that there are a number of sites which are available in internet where people can participate in various activities and in that process they are remunerated with some money as per the site revenue sharing policy. Due to large participation it is natural that individual remuneration will not be high until unless his contributions are exceptionally large and very good in quality.

    Anyway for those who do not have money as the primary criterion here, the going will be full of knowledge sharing as well as sharpening ones wits.

    So all the best and have good time in ISC.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Bonsoir Ayesha! It is exciting to welcome an enthusiastic writer in our midst because writing is what contributions to ISC is all about. Write your views while participating in forum discussions, write informative answers for a query in the Ask Expert section, write descriptive content for jobs and institutes and write detailed, unique articles too. Do refer to the sectionwise FAQs and know about Posting Limits. Look out, too, for important announcements at the top of the thread (these have red pins), including updated guidelines, contests and awards - your writing skills in this introductory thread showcases a potential award winner. Have a query? Post a thread and clear your doubts pronto. We are all here to help and guide.

    Wishing you happy times at ISC - but please do not neglect your medical studies. Education is the foundation of your future and ISC contributions should only be looked upon as akin to a part-time hobby. Best of luck in your academics!

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    A warm welcome to you to this channel. A good member with good writing skills will definitely shine on this site. You are good at your writing skills. Already ME has given a very detailed go how on this website. You please follow her guidelines and start your contributions. Exchange of knowledge always a better issue and we can learn from each of the members of this site. I wish you all the best for your journey here.
    always confident

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    Hi Ayesha, A warm welcome to ISC. This a trustworthy site where you can add in your contributions for rewards. All the best and hope to see more posts from your end.
    "Do not give up, things might not favour you always"

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    Welcome to the ISC family. If you have a flair for writing, then would suggest to start with the forum. This often helps to get a feel of the content and how your contribution should be. It gives a chance to meet other members and share their views. Then you can venture into jobs section or article section.

    The senior members and the editors are very helpful to guide newcomers. Since you are good at writing, then you can check some contributions from the article section, wherein you can shine.

    About do's and don'ts, I didn't worry much, as mentioned the members help you through and they have already done it by replying to this thread. All the best.

    Since you are a future doctor, your medical preparations are more important, you can treat this site as you would treat a hobby, a hobby wherein you can de-stress, enhance your writing skills and relax.

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    Ayesha warm welcome to this family of over 9 lakh members spread all over the world and it is my privilege to introduce this educational site with some details. This is basically a site designed to help out the students but there are members who hail from different walks of life. Because for sharing knowledge and views, no particular qualification is needed. Out of personal experience and on going life cycle we always come across issues and matters which can be discussed here and thus become part of content writing team on any topic. Here you time is not wasted. For good article sharing on own words , you will get cash credits and point. These points add up to the score and that will also decide who is the top 20 members of this site for whom the revenue share bonus is also distributed prorate. In other words every sentence wrote here would bring you money in the long run even through Google AdSense,
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Hi Ayesha, a very warm welcome to ISC !

    I am sure you will have a very good time over here, just the way we all are having. Wish you a very joyful and exciting journey here in ISC.

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    Welcome, Ayesha. I am impressed by your unique way of introducing yourself. I am especially hooked to your statement" Writing is something that is totally natural to me". Subsequent lines only elaborated that frank statement. I think you 'naturally' possess the basic requirement for writing.

    So, don't hesitate, just flow. Refinement if needed will come on the way. You can gather that by more exposure and experience.

    Now that you have made a good start, wishing you all the best ahead. Awaiting and welcoming more and more of your original creative contributions.

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