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    How Many Member here Who is a good Singer ?

    I think every people listen to music, in kinds of different moods and most of the people sing very well, How many people sing in the bathroom like who is bathroom singer?

    Sometimes I have not any work to do, I play my radio FM and start singing and yeah, I sing very well.
    tell me what are you doing when you are alone in your home, and you have free time.
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    I am not a good singer. I don't even know ABCDs of singing. But I am a music lover. I hear music as and when I get a chance. I like more light music. I love hearing Jesudas, Ghantasal and SPB. I love MS Subbalakshmi singing also.
    Generally, while I work on my laptop I hear the music.
    My spare time activity is TV watching and spending time on the laptop. I love watching movies in the theatre. I will visit at least once in a week to a temple and to a movie. I spend some time on holidays in reading out mythological epics like Mahabharat, Ramayana and Bhagavatam. But these days I am spending the majority of my time on this site only. Minimum 3 to 4 hours a day I am on this site. I am not even seeing any other site.

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    I am not a singer but listens to melodies during my free times. We may not be singers but I don't think there is anyone who does not like music. Doing something in the internet or watching TV are the others things I do to pass my time.
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    No, I am not a good singer. I don't have any formal training. However, I do listen to songs and hum melodious songs, but my natural singing causes inconvenience to my family-members.
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    I have no talent for singing, the only thing close is humming a little in the bathroom. I listen to regional songs, like old English country music and love Kenny G and panpipe moods.

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    I am not a good singer but I love to listen to romantic music, I play guitar it is my Favourite time pass when I am free.

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    Well for that matter every one may not be a professional singer. What we all know as to start a song , but wont remember the lyrics in between and thus fumble with humming. Even when ever feel happy and relieved, I vent songs from my heart, but unfortunately forget the lyrics and thus end up with opening stanza and get satisfied. But I do not think my voice is good. But those who have heard my phone conversation for the first time has told me about my good voice and that is the plus point for me. Nevertheless I want to sing but age has gone and hope at least in next janam I may do so.
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    I am a good singer to myself. My wife and children enjoy me singing songs from the very low pitch to very high pitch. I compose my own songs and sing it for joy. Few have appreciated my singing talent.
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    I'm a good singer.

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    Then how about having a singing competition wherein contestants can submit their recorded songs and it gets judged by editors or so....and get rewarded or appreciated...
    It would be exciting,....Isn't it ??

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