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    Conceive, believe, implement and achieve.

    There are many people who are achieving greater heights by their hard work and proper implementation. At the same time will think that achieving those things will be very difficult before starting itself.
    Anything is possible if you sincerely wish the success to be yours.
    First of all, conceive your goal. Then believe that you can achieve that goal. Make a plan and implement. Try 100% and always be positive that you can achieve the goal. Don't leave any stone unturned for your success. Then you will achieve the goal.
    Everything will be successful when the efforts are sincere and on line.
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    Yes what the author has opined is right and true. It is the fact that when we are not conceiving the things, then implementing would be problem. If implementing is not proper we wont believe in the process and thus success or achievement not possible. What is important that more planning, lots of spade work before starting any work and the conceiving should be apt and convincing. Many a time people would have good ideas and even have good vision to implement the ideas, but when it comes to actual action , they fail immensely due to poor planning. So what the author has said has greater relevance.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Very true, not everyone can be successful. Few are successful because of their background or position in society but many successful people have been regular folks who have done their work better in terms of time, commitment and passion.

    As rightly said, planning is very crucial to reach the goals. Here one has to be realistic and have a meticulous plan envisaged. In fact 'Failing to plan literally means Planning to fail'. Many times people have flashes of brilliance and take on a task only to find that they are failing, here good guidance and impartial advise helps a lot. For this, we should have a mentor or a mature well-wisher who would not hesitate to tell us the truth for our own good.

    Once we start, we should be prepared for hurdles and distractions that would test our beliefs. Straight roads never made skilled drivers. Only commitment and hard work will take us to the finishing post, however difficult the path is.

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    The difference between an idea and a commitment is the difference between knowing about a new tool and using it in our everyday life as a new habit and way of operating.

    Time is a very important element in everything we do. Think of which path you really would want to take. Most of us will fill confusion on things, life, and people. When this empty and lost fillings hovers around you, try to picture your past.Think of your mistakes and conceptualize method on how to correct or remedy them.

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    True, hard work will definitely be paid but how many are ready to work hard is the question. All f us want more salary and a better designation when it comes to work but hardly any are ready to take up more stress, responsibilities and tensions. A promotion and a hike in salary is directly related to stress, responsibilities and tensions. So we can''t achieve it without sacrificing or working hard.

    Some people are not ready to go with their plan may be due to their background and the number of people dependent on them. Many a times we will have to drop our ambitions or plans for our family and loved ones and that is life.

    "Do not give up, things might not favour you always"

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