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    Unexpected delay in review

    I have no choice except raising a new thread on unexpected delay in review of college posts. Earlier they were reviewed within 48 hours as per the rule but some of my posts have not been reviewed even after 10 days. I had never experienced such delays before.
    So, I humbly request the concerned editor to kindly do the needful at the earliest.
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    I have observed that the review of school/college/other educational institutions takes much more time than review of articles/replies to Ask Expert/jobs. May be less number of Editors are working in these Sub-sections. However, I have seen your college postings. These are rich in content. Definitely these posting will be approved after review with high points credit and cash credit. Don't worry.
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    The author must understand that unlike other company there are no dedicated staff to attend to the editing works here. All the editors are also members like us and they are doing the task out of their free time. In that case we cannot expect nor demand speedy action from them. We are really indebted to the editors as some times even within 24 hours the contents are edited and approved and that shows that they do work when ever they are free. Moreover this is the great festive time and every one would be busy with their own task at the home. Please wait and give time for the editors to review and approve.
    K Mohan
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    Agree with the above replies, maybe it's just an oversight or the editors are genuinely busy during this festival season.

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    As the posts are increasing in all sections, new contests are going on and as referred by the other members in their replies because of this festival season some of the Editors might have gone on leave also. Hence there may be a delay in reviewing the posts. An article for review may take minimum 7 days. Similarly in all other sections also somedays time may be required. Another point to note is Editors are not a full time paid employes here. So they have to adjust their time and attend to this work. Hence obvious that some time is required and we all should wait for reviews patiently. These days sometimes the ask expert answers are being reviewed on the same day itself which should be complimented. This shows the commitment of the editors in this ISC.
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    Yes, there have been delays due to editors being a little busy with other work. Please be patient. You may also see delays in the coming 2 weeks due to the upcoming festival of Diwali. Let the editorial team too enjoy the festivities with their family and friends!
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