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    Perhaps this was the first time!

    I am checking and re-checking. No article was submitted by any Member yesterday. I submitted two answers to two questions and two article reviews. There may be some deduction of points in these cases. But even then.....

    In the platform of ISC, there were some occasions when I scored centuries, i.e., my points credit was more than 100. Although these were in rarest of the rare cases, but this happened on three or four occasions. But in spite of scoring centuries, I had never been the top scorer.

    Yesterday was different. It was a low-scoring day. I scored 75, and I was at the top of the list! Perhaps this was the first time. Even if some points are deducted in respect of my replies to questions and articles responses, I feel I would be able to hold on the No. 1 position.

    Perhaps I topped the list (of top scorers) for the first time on yesterday!
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    Congratulations for being top scorer yesterday. It sometimes happens when there is not much activity on a particular day.
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    Thanks for the compliment. When stalwarts remain busy elsewhere, lesser mortals get opportunity to hog the limelight.
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    Being top brings lots of personal satisfaction as you could push others after you and gaining first position is no mean task. This proves that your contributions has be considerable and better than others.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Congrats Partha. You are good.
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    Well done on centuries earlier Mr.Partha. Sometimes I keep replying but the score never seems to move fast. I think in articles the maximum is higher than forums, hence more chance of scoring soon.

    Sub-consciously we try checking the right side of the screen, to see the top scores, it's motivating us too.

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    Congratulations for your achievement. Your approach to the forums is a little different. They are simple and straight. But you may be getting more points in the article section. Many members are getting many times more than hundred also. Probably they are scoring high scores in job postings and other sections.
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    Thanks for the congratulatory messages.

    Mr. Natarajan and Dr. Rao: Yesterday I accumulated points from Forum posts, Forum responses, answering Ask Expert questions and by reviewing Articles.

    It is true that more points can be obtained by writing Articles, but the points won't be reflected in the score-board till the articles are reviewed.

    Nowadays I am banned to write Articles, because I committed a mistake by writing/copying similar article which was previously approved (article of my own).

    So, nowadays I am concentrating on other Sections/Sub-sections like Information Updates, Reviews, School posting, etc.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Congrats for topping the list. It gives us immense pleasure to see our name in the top contributors list. As you said the problem with articles, is the points will be displayed only once it is reviewed and approved, and there are less chances of the article being reviewed the same day. SO we can't be on the top contributor list with the help of article section, but definitely with the forum section, we can achieve that aim,
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