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    Why the faces of human beings are defined but faces of animals are almost similar ?

    We recognize human beings by face and some faces wont change right from the childhood to the adult age. Likewise we can also differentiate between a North Indian and South Indian by face. But when it comes to animals they have similar shapes and almost same looks too. Sometimes I wonder how the smaller animals would recognize their big ones. Of course may be through smell but again my question is why they are similar and why the human faces are different. Knowledgeable members can share their views here.
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    Actually the zoologists say that no two animals can be same. There are differences in their faces, eyes, ears, stripes, tails, legs, hoofs, paws, etc. Only we are not observant enough to understand the differences.
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    Why I got this doubt because the street dogs are almost similar with their faces and also color of the skin. Likewise Monkeys are also same by looks.
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    Every animal looks different we just need to observe them carefully and we will be able to note the difference in their appearance. Even the stray dogs we can tell them apart once we see them regularly. We have few lovebirds in our homes, initially, it was hard to distinguish them but once we started interacting with them gradually we could identify them They all look similar yet we could distinguish them from each other.

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    Animal facial features are almost similar to humans, maybe only the trained eye can spot the difference.

    Tigers are identified by the stripe pattern, in fact, may popular tigers in jungles open to safari, name the tigers based on their marks. For instance, Ranthambore national park has a famous tiger, Machli, because of the unique fish-shaped mark on the left ear of her face.
    Loins are identified by their whisker spots on the face, apparently, each loin has its own whisker spots for the rest of their lives.
    Elephants in a reserve although look same to visitors, forest staff identify them by their ear pattern. Even among zebras, no two zebras have the same stripe pattern, in fact, the stripe pattern is like fingerprints.
    Maybe dogs too have it and we are not aware of it.

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    Animal faces will also have some differences. But we should not watch then for long that is why we are not able to find the difference. If it is a pet animal you will have an idea about the special features of that animal. Similarly, If you constantly watch an animal you will know the features and next time when you see the same animal you will recognise the same. But why we have to spend that much time on that.
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    Every animal is different from another. It is just that we are not observing them clearly and closely. As we are humans, we tend to observe other humans hence we know the difference. If we have 2 or 3 pet dogs at home, each of them will be different or we would be able to recognize each of them. That is because we are staying with them and we know about them and their features.

    Once when I was staying outside India, I came across lot of Philippine people, it was really hard for me to differentiate between them as everyone looked almost the same for me, But later on I got used to it and I was able to differentiate them. It is just the matter of time and us being observant,

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    All human faces are similar as many are derived from various animals only. This has been pictorially explained and displayed in the Saraswathi Mahal library at Tanjore,Tamilnadu. One can easily understand by visiting there.

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