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    Is intelligence a component of wisdom?

    Intelligence is the ability to gain, understand and apply knowledge and skills. Wisdom is defined as the powerful quality of having knowledge, experience and the ability to provide good judgement. While considering the dictionary definition of 'intelligence' and 'wisdom', both the term clearly focuses on the knowledge, skills and experience.

    How intelligence is different from wisdom? Is intelligence a component of wisdom?

    Share your views about intelligence and wisdom.
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    My completely intuitive take on the ordinary language meaning of those terms is this.

    Intelligence is adeptness in problem-solving and gaining factual information. It is "technical".

    Wisdom is the ability to use the gained knowledge in making a good decision and guiding oneself through life. It also involves knowledge of one's own capacities and ethical sensitivity. It is "practical".

    It should indeed difficult to exercise wisdom without being intelligence because wisdom uses the raw material provided by intelligence but maybe it is not impossible.

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    Intelligence is like your basic science knowledge. Wisdom is like your application. If Intelligence is chemistry, Wisdom is Chemical Engineering. Intelligence is the stuff you have. Wisdom is of using your intelligence when it is required. Only intelligence is of no use but using your intelligence correctly at the correct time is your wisdom. Intelligence is your bank balance and wisdom is to use that money correctly in a correct manner.
    This is what I feel about the difference between intelligence and wisdom. I have not read it anywhere. It is my general understanding on this subject. Hope I am able to explain correctly.

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    Intelligent and wisdom are both different and sometimes it is misunderstood to be one and the same. The author has differentiated Intelligence and Wisdom appropriately. I would like to add few more,

    By using your intelligence you can make the most destructive thing which can destroy the mankind but it will need your wisdom which will ask you to do otherwise. You can acquire knowledge but wisdom is through experience and GOD given.

    Knowledge and wisdom if it goes hand in hand would be the most beautiful thing ever.

    "Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers." ~ By Alfred Lord Tennyson

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    Wonderful thread that makes us think hard. Two common terms we use in daily life but defining them, their values are a tricky.

    For me intelligence can be inate or acquired collection of data or information and indicates a high level of function at the brain level, sharp, focussed etc

    Wisdom has how we use our intelligence appropirately at the given circumstances. Generally as age advances and as we learn from life, our wisdom improves.

    Intelligence is knowing what to do or say, Wisdom is knowing when to do or say it. It's better to a wise old ugly Owl,rather than an intelligent good looking parrot. To me intelligence tempered by wisdom is the best tool to survive or succeed in life.

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    Intelligence is what you inherit from the childhood and the wisdom is the culmination and amalgamation all you have gathered from the childhood to present situation. While the intelligence vary from the childhood as the grown up age would force you to learn differently. Likewise wisdom also varies from time to time as you may be making additions to what you have learned and thus total output of the wisdom would come out when demanded. Moreover knowledge and wisdom are interrelated and cannot be seen differently. Intelligent people can always survive with their wisdom of moving with known people.
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    I would also like to add one more thing that at times, a child can be much wiser than an adult. So we cannot say that with age a person can become wiser.

    While logically, yes with age they should become wiser but that's not true always, its a misconception.

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    Wise people are intelligent. They have the knowledge as well as the idea as in where to apply it. At the same time intelligent people need not be wise. They might have the knowledge but not the application of it. To conclude, I feel intelligence is a component of wisdom.
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    Although many people feel that intelligence and wisdom are co-related, but in actuality this is not so. Wisdom makea people sane and enables people to handle any adverse situation in a more mature manner. Wisdom helps the humanity in the long run. On the other hand, intelligence ha short-term impact.
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