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    Extra care should be taken by parents

    Many parents urging their children for moving to school daily morning. But in this situation parents should give extra care and attention in their packing up. Recently in a small city near Thiruvannamalai,Tamilnadu a child was getting prepared by her parents. As they did not noticed well a scorpion bites her and she cried. They believed the child is crying for not going to school, they forcefully board the child into school bus but within no time the child fainted. Later only they removed the shoes and found a scorpion run. In the meantime the cold lost her breath. So parents should take extra care on children in such times
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    Very sad. I don't whether it is carelessness of the parents or their busy life. Sending a child to school at a very low age and that too at an age where he is not able to express his pain also is really meaningless. I am against sending children who are below 5 years of age to school. Generally, when we make our children ready for school, we should properly see that everything is normal. It is a good practice to clean the shoe and sox before they wear. I have the habits of reversing the shoe and hitting it against the ground before I wear, I will also insert my palm and see whether anything is there inside. Of course, I will clean my hand and palm very well after wearing the shoe. Another problem is the morning tensions to housewives. They have to complete their drill early and make everything ready for children and husband. As such they are not able to give time for minute details which may cause problems like this.
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    Unfortunate event, feel sorry for the parents who are likely to be blamed. No parent would willfully ignore such events, it's probably the morning rush time and our anxiety to send the children of so that we can prepare and rush to the office or work place.

    Maybe the parents mistook the child's cry as a temper tantrum like event. Agree with Dr.Rao, most parents or grandparents will put their fingers inside the shoe after tapping the heels on the floor. Remember one reply on the selfie thread a few days back - we cannot beat fate or what's destined for us. We can do our best to be careful and alert. Did the child survive or was it too late.

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    Oh my God, what a miss understand from the parents. Normally parents think that crying of child is the adamant attitude vent during leaving for the school and that would be the excuse for that day. But seldom one understands as to why the child should cry for no reason. If the child can speak and say rightly what has happened the parents can attend, but sometimes the children are frightened to say anything at that moment as every parent would be fuming and even beat the child. This is one more lesson to the parents that child would cry for any thing and not necessarily for not going to school.
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    It is an unfortunate event, but it won't be apt to blame the parents for this misfortune. Certain things are inevitable in life and they may seem hard for us to accept but they are the harsh reality.

    In spite of every precaution that you take, when the moment arrives there won't be any loopholes available.

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    Quite unfortunate,and most traumatic for the parents. God forbid such sad happenings.
    Ican call this as a freak accident or concur with Natarjan that it is fate.
    No parent will think anything bad for their beloved children. Whatever they do, is only with god intentions and extreme love and affection. However I agree that incidents such as these should help to increase our vigil and alertness in caring our children. Generally parents, especially the mother can notice the difference in the crying or behaviour pattern of her child and can guess the reason as different from the general tantrum. In this case it could not be distinguished only points out to the inevitable fate.
    Once again praying to God let such sad events not happen in future.

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    A really sad incident. But won't the parent understand what the child was crying for? Wouldn't the child have told them something bite it? May be the parents were too hurry that they didn't listen to the kid. But that is sad.

    Studies is not everything, parents first need to understand that. These days parents are forcefully sending children to tuitions, special classes etc, for what? I don't get it.

    I agree with the author, parents should take extra care.

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