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    Do you believe in forecasts or Astrology

    Many of us do and do not take our star forecast or Astrology seriously. Some of us feel that it's nothing but gimmicks, some feel that if we know what's happening then there's the fun in life. Many of our parents religiously follow it.

    I don't go looking for professional advice but sometimes when things are not going my way, I tend to look at the star forecast and if not good, then get parents to check it up.

    What are the views in general from fellow members? Look at forecast in times of difficulty or look regularly to have an idea of who life's going to be.
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    Astrology is a science and predictions will become actuals. But that depends on the level of perfection of the Astrologer. These days many astrologers are coming in the market. But their Knowledge is very limited and another factor which matters here is the accuracy of your birth time. A small variation in the time will have a big effect on the outcome. So accurate timing and a good scholar in the subject will only give you the predictions correctly. I never take the predictions very seriously. I want to know the positions of various planets in the chart and how they are affecting our life at that moment. This much only I see and if necessary I will go for some required japas, homas and donations as advised to come out of that difficulties.
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    I don't believe in forecast and astrology, the stars and planets are a part of the creation and they don't have the ability to control our future. A creation cannot influence the future course of another creation, creation can also not be greater than the creator. So why depend on the creation for our future,?

    If God can create the planets and stars, why depend on them to predict our future? Call upon the GOD who has created everything, not on the creation created by HIM.

    I strongly believe that none of the planets or stars can determine the course of my future.

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    Astrology has not been recognized as a Science. At the same time the first part of astrology, detection of the positions of different planets and stars is Astronomy a well established science subject .
    Astrology forms the interpretation of this combinations of different planets and stars. If they are positioned in a particular manner at the time of birth it influence the individual in a particular manner. This is how the astrology is used for interpretation of events in life. There is no scientific explanation for this interpretations. Also these days there is another problem. Births are not taking place in a natural manner. It is mechanical, as decided by the doctor.

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    It is actually not a question of believing a particular theory. It is a thing of logic and analysis.

    As far as my knowledge goes there are two types of sciences -
    one is modern science that is Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy or Astrophysics, Zoology, Botany, Medical Science etc. which are based on experiments and laboratory tests.

    Other type is based on statistics, guesswork and conjecturing like Astrology, Homeopathy, Palmistry, Mythology, Future predictions, Tarot cards etc.

    The main difference between the two is while former is mostly 100 % correct and authentic and if not then at least correct to 90-100% but the latter is statistical in nature and correct to only 50-60% if checked honestly in a large sample.

    This world is like that - people just believe what others say and if one person has got his desire fulfilled in a temple or masjid or any similar place, large crowd is gathered a long queue is seen. I remember about 20 yrs back when there was a news that Lord Ganesha is drinking milk in the temple people made a queue in the temples for offering Him the milk.

    Those who believe in Astrology or horoscope or last life should not feel offended by this but what I will suggest before accepting anything please read about it thoroughly and try to analyse it with rational mind, you will get the answer yourself.

    So I again repeat it is not a question of belief, it is simply a matter of understanding the things logically and rationally.

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    I hate looking at them because it makes me feel insecure. I even hate the daily horoscopes. However, my mother strongly believes in them and some times even I have to accept them reluctantly.
    As far as truth and accuracy is concerned I think they used to be true earlier when they were made out of proper process and methods. But now, astrologers have turned out to be professional. They use computers which uses special software and display results on the basis of input. Now, I don't believe in them even if things are not going my way.

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    Time and again I was stressing the need to know the day of the birth, time of the birth and place of the birth which would rightly determine and the predictions through astrology would be accurate and happening. People do not know their right time of birth but know the date of birth and place of birth. In a day two stars may be crossing and this predictions would go wrong and that is why when some one goes through wrong prediction, he or she totally blame the astrology altogether. So next time if you want to test and taste the astrology , have all the above information and proceed.
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    Personally I don't believe astrology, gemology, lal quitab, palmistry, magnet-thrapy and related subjects, because I don't think there is scientific basis of these subjects. But at the same time, I don't ridicule those who believe astrology or palmistry. They must have some reasons to believe in astrology. Who am I to comment?
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    Being born to a Hindu family, I do believe in astrology. For us horoscope match is a must for marriages and we check the date and time of wedding based on our star and birth timing.

    But I don't visit an astrologer normally, however my parents do get it checked. At times I ask them to check on my behalf when I am facing really hard situations.

    Astrollogy is a science and the predictions will be accurate provided it is predicted by a trustworthy astrologer. These days we can find many who pretend to be astrologers just to cheat people and make money.

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    In the 21st Century, most of the people directly say NO, I don't believe it but will have also read their horoscope at least once. Even though scientific studies have never found evidence for the claims astrologers make, some people think astrology is scientific.

    Undoubtedly many people read their horoscopes just for entertainment value, or as a topic for conversation. But some people attach scientific credence to astrological predictions and regard astrology as a valid way of understanding human behavior.

    So on one hand, it seems that horoscopes and astrological predictions are, for most people just a bit of harmless entertainment. On the other, the tendency to be credulous towards astrology is at least partially explained by what people know about science-but also what kind of personality traits they have.

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    I believe and don't believe in astrology, especially the forecasts by ultu fultu astrologers. It is like - As the crow sat, the palm fruit fell. It is a coincidence that makes us to believe astrology. There are many millions of people on this earth whose destiny is determined by 27 stars and 12 zodiacs and 9 grahas. If we divide the entire universal population with 27 or 12 or 9, the number will still remain as billion. Will the astrological forecast be the same for all. Therefore I strongly and strictly don't believe in astrological predictions appearing in the medias, TV, Newspapers etc.
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    Nice mix of replies and suggestions. Some have belief, some do not, some use it when in difficult times. Mr.Umesh's reply throws a completely different view. Astrology is a study like any speciality that has to be looked logically,

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    Astrology , foretell based horoscope everything not a new one and we cannot say they are not correct . We should not prevent one from believing it but total rely on such foretell should not be done as it will affect mentally (initially)and then physically aa the mental agony leads to physical disorders. Astrology is based on proved mathematical calculations. Then what is the purpose of study on planets etc.?

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    Humans are always interested in foreknowing their future. There are many different predictive methods followed among the various human populations . When a particular method prediction goes correct for us we tend to believe in that.
    I am sure that human intelligence has developed some such methods to a more or less practical proximity with a reasonable margin of error. I consider astrology as one of them. However as astrology has a vast number of parameters and they become innumerable by the various possible permutations and combinations, there can be some errors in the resultant predictions because of human error or insufficient experience and knowledge.

    The same situation happens in the case of many other areas including health sector. Many diagnoses go wrong, many times the issue never gets diagnosed correctly etc. Many times general solutions do not apply for all and some customised solutions have to be applied.

    It is well understood now how moon influence occurrence of tides and how the human mental system also gets affected by Moon. The life on Earth is powered by the energy from Sun, Mon and also from stars. Astrology takes the celestial factors like Sun, Moon ,and other planetary bodies and their inter positional relationship. We can infer that our ancestors have done lot of work and found how these bodies and their inter-positions affect human life. As we do not have the records of those research and imperative data, we may not be ready to accept them. So at present the belief in astrology comes only after you have some experience of predictions coming true.
    I started having some faith on astrology only after a few astrological predictions regarding my life turning true. The predictions were recorded and available even before I reached that stage. Moreover, when I made a cross check with another astrologer far away from me and who have never heard or sen me, he also gave the same predictions.

    Now my stand is that yes, astrology has its strong base. But as it is a very elaborate segment, not all are equipped with the full needed knowledge. That is why many times the predictions go wrong and make us skeptic about astrology.

    However, believe me, eventhough I say astrology is a knowledge source for predictions and understanding our life, I do not read the daily predictions coming in the magazines or TV. I have not consulted an astrologer except the indirect one which I narrated earlier. The only other occasion I visited a astrologer was in relation to matching horoscopes for the marriage of my sister -a few decades ago.

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