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    Saudi Arabia to allow women to drive? Good for them, Not so good for Indian workforce

    Most of us would have seen these headlines Saudi Arabia allow women to drive cars. This is apparently the only country in the world where women are not allowed to drive. This is seen as a major change towards gender equality in Saudi.

    Now the bad news. It's quoted that currently there are many Indians(mostly from Kerala) working in Saudi Arabia as drivers attached to a home or one family or driving cars with women as a major chunk of their fares every day.

    This is expected to reduce the demand for these so called home drivers from Kerala, India. This comes on the back of an earlier ruling in Saudi Arabia that 50% of the mobile phone shops to Saudi Nationals. Already the Kerala government has doubled the budget for the expatriates who have lost their jobs and coming back to India.

    The common reason for expatriates to work abroad is to earn more and have a better life. now when they come back are we, the tax payers who stayed back in India justified is supporting them. Apart from their remittances, I'm not sure how the common man benefited.

    This may be a sensitive issue but I can see people objecting once expatiates come back from various parts of the world and burden our existing social support system.
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    Even the Government allows ladies to drive the cars in Saudi Arabia, immediately, I don't think it will become a problem to the Indian drivers immediately. It will take another 2 to 3 years by the time the ladies will learn and start driving on their own. However, it is good that in Saudi also they are getting equal rights as that of men. which is to be very much appreciated.
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    On the one hand it is the good decision on the part of Saudi Arab to allow its women to work as drivers and that is one step forward towards empowering women. But on the other hand there would retrenchment of Indian drivers who are already working there. One thing is sure, when we go to the foreign country for studies and job, we must follow their rules and let their law prevail. We cannot protest or request revive the decision already taken in this regard. Nevertheless it is good that Saudi is also changing as per the needs and requirement of their women and that is great progress.

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    I think it is a good move as the Saudi women is getting a chance to drive provided they drive safely. I don't think there will be a drastic reduction in the number of expatriate drivers soon.

    Todat my boss was telling us about an accident in Saudi. A husband was teaching his wife driving, in the high roads. The lady hit the car somewhere and got crashed and the husband was dead. I don't know whom to be blamed. May be the husband didn't give proper instructions or he could have chosen a free road rather than highway. Also the wife should have kept the speed of the car under control. Whatever be it he is no more. If such types of accidents occur again, the government may be rethink.

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    Thoughtful replies so far, thank you all. Again one more person is ridiculed for taking a selfie of a woman driving and another woman who jumped the gun and started driving before the rule was implemented was held by authorities.

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