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    Did you listen or at least speak to your children today?

    We are now accustomed to nuclear families where each member is busy in his or her own world? Do you think about the importance of communication between family members? Do you spare some time daily to listen to your children or speak to them or does the children feel the necessity of having direct contacts with their parents? Listening and speaking one to one does matter a lot in life. Join this discussion and share your views and experiences.

    Some of you might laugh but if you have children especially school going and run a nuclear family in today's hectic fast world, there are many days gone by without having a meaningful chat with your son or daughter.

    Working long hours, leaving to work just before or after kids go off to school and returning only around dinner time for a couple of years, I suddenly realized that children have grown up, have their own views and the sad realization that I've not spent quality time with them. Often my presence at home was physical (with work-related issues) rather than as a true father. Now after realizing my folly and being reminded by my wife, I spend at least 15 minutes asking about school, their teachers, what was funny etc.

    I am amazed at their excitement and narrate nonstop full of joy and energy about their experiences at school. This brings a wide big smile on their faces.

    How many of you have such similar expereinces
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    Yes talking to the children is a great experience and they would narrate series of happenings on the day as to how they were bombarded with the questions at the schools and colleges and how they have answered unscathed. While listening to them, we have to watch their face which would be full of excitement and happiness. Normally any achiever would like to share their experience and then only they will feel that they have done something extra than others. So children must be given the time to vent their feelings and joy so that they should not think that we are avoiding them. Not only my children, I would interact with any children for that matter. I would be in their shoes for some time and them feel like much attached. That is the reason being so I am very famous in side the family circle and children are my fans.

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    Yes, I did, as I do every day. Though my daughter is miles away, in a distant land, we speak to each other every day. Sometimes, we have long chats, until my handset starts feeling warm against my ear; at others, we just call to say hey, what's up.

    It is important to talk to your kids and this practice should be initiated when they are young. It helps set a pattern and keeps communication channels open.

    As adults, we often get so tied up in our busy routines that we ignore or have no time for the most important people in our life – our children.

    I always tell people, help your child build beautiful memories. Spend time with them, share your thoughts with them, listen to them, and help them resolve their problems, no matter how trivial they are. It is little things that add up and create that beautiful bond between parent and child. If you do not have time for them when they need you, they'll not have time for you when you need them.

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    Every day I talk to both of my sons. They are grown up now. Both of them will go to their works. When they were in primary school, high school and the college also I used to talk to them daily. Those days four of us used to have our dinner together. If I went outstation, from there also I was contacting them and talking to them daily.
    Now I talk to my parents daily on phone in the evening after going back from my office.
    It is true that the kids will feel very happy if you talk to them about their school, friends and teachers. We are having a habit of going out at least once in a week for eating. Those days we four used to go together. These days 6 of us including two daughters in law will be going and we will go for a movie at least twice in a month.
    Festivals and special occasions also we will try to celebrate together to the maximum extent possible.

    always confident

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    Author has raised a very good topic. In recent days not only father even mother's have no time to spend with children. It is not the question that they are working they are just carefree about their children's feelings. Even not working women's are always busy with some kitty party and club's they are not just bothered about children. By looking at all this I feel that uneducated ladies are better because they are very interested in getting their child educated and want to know about their child's progress communicating with the teacher's. Educated ladies are very carefree and think that they know all and don't just bother to communicate with teachers about their child. I don't say everybody is like that but most are like that coz such type environment I have seen in my children's school especially during parent's meeting. So it is better we spend time with children because we have to shape their future along with our future.

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    Nice replies
    #611260-good point - it gives them a chances to narrate their acheivements, give them a chance to air their feelings and thoughts.
    #611273 - wonderful suggestion-talking to them even then they are grown up and make it easier to discuss difficult issues.
    #611279: talking and socialising with children and their families certainly makes meaningful discussions possible.
    #611285: excellent point, we have to talk to them because we are shaping their future.

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