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    Do you think our life is a dream ?

    When something great happens in life, we would have broader smile on our face and when asked to react, we say our long term dream has come true. Even in small achievements we relate our life to the dreams which we had earlier gone through and that has become reality now. What I am asking to the members that do you think life is a dream. What I feel that life is the opportunity for us to show case good and able things before us and others. In that process when we achieve something, it is sheer case of our own courage and guts through which it was made possible. Do you agree?
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    Dreaming alone may not give the success. Once you are dream something, you have to push yourself to achieve the goal. But everybody will feel happy once they have achieved their target and different people will react differently to express their joy. Some people say I am able to realise my dream and the victory has come to me as a dream. That is for just expression only. They think that other side people know that fact and we need not say that we worked hard we have faced difficulties and finally, we got this victory like that we need not say. We will not express too much on our success. So the people just touch upon and leave it there.
    I am not sure whether we can call our life as a dream. A dream is not a fact but life is a fact. Many miracles will happen in dreams but in real life, we may have to try for those miracles to happen.

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    This thread reminds me of a quote from Shakespeare: "We are such stuff as dreams are made of and our little life is rounded with a sleep". Here the great writer is perhaps pointing towards the short duration of a man's life. And during this short period every one passed through different incidents and situations as we see in a dream. Also he interprets that life is so short and it should be spent in a useful manner.
    Any way one is getting only one life. So make it useful and do something creative. Then only one can prove that such a person had lived on this earth.

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    I don't consider my life to be a dream, it is a reality. But at times when the least expected thing happens, I wonder whether it is a dream or not. When something scary or bad happens in a dream, we open our eyes and that us the end of it. In life we have no choice but to face every situations it puts in front of us.
    "Do not give up, things might not favour you always"

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