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    Are you really investing for your retirement/old-age?

    All of us think of money based investments. We think that as long as we are financially stable, our old-age, aka retirement, will be smooth.

    What we fail to see is that our physical and emotional well-being is the key to our post-retirement happiness.

    We must strive to stay healthy, by practising healthy lifestyles. We must invest in our health, by eating healthy while we are young so that our frail and ageing bodies are more capable of fighting disease. We must keep ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally active. Workout regularly and exercise the brain and build emotional bonds with family and friends. If we ignore these things when we are young, they come and haunt us when we are old. Sickness, slowness of our mental faculties and loneliness plague us.

    So, while you are busy saving money for the future, make sure you invest in other, more important aspects of life.
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    A nice advice which is very good especially for this generation young people. Everyone should maintain their health till their last breath. For our daily routines and household work, we should not depend on our youngers. In such case, we can say that we have taken care of investment for our old age. Otherwise, our life, as well as the life of the other person who is serving us with our needs, will also be very difficult. Many young generation people are not hesitant to spend money for their elders but the main problem comes with the service to be rendered by them for old people as the location and time problems arise. As no one in the house is able to render the service, they are trying for hiring people by paying money. But many of those hired people are not very sincere in their work which is common these days and problem will start to the old persons. So by investing in our health, if we are able to maintain good health we need not look at somebody for making us walk. So saving money is one side of the coin and the other side of the coin is to keep up our health without any ailments. All should try for the same.
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    Very Very good suggestion by the author. Very well said by the author. In recent days I find people only thinking about money and saving money. They don't bother about health especially evening times going near stall to have junk foods. Those stalls are packed up during the evening with people having bhelpuri, panipuri. Evening during rainy season nobody bothers's about cleanliness. Especially these panipuri stalls with small carts on the roadside are having lack of cleanliness but still, people eat there. Actually eating healthy food at home with cleanliness saves a lot of money. So even I prefer that instead of saving money please take care of your health and your dear one's coz it is priceless.

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    Well said, retirement planning often is equated to the money pot that we have been able to save once we retire. Finance is equally important but just one aspect of retired life. To enjoy the fruits of the money we've saved for the later years, we need to be healthy physically and mentally.

    The only true wealth is an able body with a mature mind and a clear soul. If we focus on healthy food habits with periodic exercises. Take the right foods and supplements for calcium and vitamins to maintain healthy bones it would be useful for later years.

    As we grow in life our minds become storehouses for good and bad memories, well-wishers and people hell-bent on pulling us down, unrealized dreams so on and so forth. The excess emotional baggage and the negative thoughts over the years can destroy the inner spirit and soul that is very important in the last few years of our journey on this planet.

    So, its equally important to get rid of the negative energy, forget the people who have hurt us, think of the people around us who still love us. Cherish the positivity within ourselves and learn to enjoy the little wonders of life and nature so that when we ride into the sunset, we can take in all the good things life has to offer and make the last few memories still the best memories of our lives.

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    Health is very important in our old age as expressed by the author. A healthy lifestyle is very important but we realise it a bit late. My important suggestion to everyone is to have "Health Insurance Policy" covering your family and parents from reputed health insurance firms. Try to take a policy of not less than five lakhs and increase it to ten lakhs if possible. The present-day expenditure for health care demands such policies without which, we will be in a financial trouble to meet the medical expenditure.
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    A very nice and thought provoking thread by the author.
    In the blind race for our career progress and material achievements, most of us forget the golden saying that health is wealth. We get materialistic gain on the cost of our health. Today career building is a tough task and for being successful in ones job one totally forgets the after effects of bad lifestyle. We are indisciplined as to the tasks needed for our health. In long run the loss is so much and irreversible that nothing can be done to recover it.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Most people are busy making and saving money and ignore their health. They do not realise that good health would keep them active longer. They would also not need to spend on consultations and medication and hospitalisation. Make dietary and lifestyle changes, when you are young so that you can reap benefits when you get old.
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    #611347, #611423 : Valid points, while we focus on healthy living and exercises, we should not forget reality - illness can affect us in old age and medical care is expensive.
    Having at least one health insurance policy would come handy in lessening the burden of health care costs to us and our children

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