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    A miracle that is seen at ISC

    Dear Fellow ISCians,
    You all might have read the thread announcing the 'Miracle' TOW winners and Special prize winners and Consolation prize winners. It has 2 TOW winners, 3 Special prize winners and 2 consolation prize winners.

    The Miralce is this: None of the winners have won any cash credit for their entry, whereas I, SuN has been awarded point 5 and CC 4 for my entry " Epics are full of miracles". And I was not considered for any TOW/Special Prize/Consolotation prize. Since my thread was awarded CC Rs. 4, it is supposed to be the Best among all the entries. Is it not?

    Is it not a miracle! I really wonder with the editor who awarded CC to my thread, and the editor who selected the threads for 7 awards.

    Is there anyone to explain the reason for this miracle?
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    Sir, apart from awarding winners and awarding of all those special prizes and consolation prizes, other entries too are awarded some cash credits and points based on the quality of the post.

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    Mr. Sun: Nowadays you don't participate in ToW contests, so you have forgotten the rules. All the contestants in ToW contests get points and cash credit. This time also, I have not got any award, but my entry got 8 points and Rs. 8/- as cash credit.
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    Members Reena and Partha,
    Is it justifiable? Is it not unfair to ignore a thread that has stood out and earned a cash credit? Then how the best thread is selected? How can a thread doesn't deserve any award get CC? Is it not a fun filled miracle at ISC? Ridiculous!

    No life without Sun

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    The shoe is on the other foot as far as being ridiculous goes! You have participated in many creative writing contests too and have seen points and cc being awarded to participants who are not winners. So also it is with TOW threads, as Partha rightly pointed out. You do not see enhanced points and cc to the TOW winning threads since winners get their points and cc credited to their profile account directly and you can view it under the gifts and awards tab there. You should be happy that your thread was found worthy of some credit instead of grumbling like this in a poor-spirited manner.

    If at all you do see any points and cc to a winning thread in the case of a TOW which is not of the month-end TOW contest, it will likely have been before the week's best threads are selected.

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    From all the entries for the contest, the prize-winning entries will be selected. They will be selected for all award. For the remaining entries basing on the content and the other aspects, they give some CC and Points. This is the system they adopt here. I expect. As such the entries winning the awards will get the money as announced. The remaining will also get some CC and amount. For my entry also I got 8 points and 8CC.
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    Good that the author entry to the tow topic has won cash credit. Likewise all those whose entries were best were awarded the cash credits when the results were announced.
    K Mohan
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    I did not win any prizes. My entry has been given 8 points and Rs.8. I'm happy with this as the editors have found something good in the thread to award the points and cash credits. There were better entries than mine.

    So too, I think SuN, your entry merited points 5 and Rs 4 as a cash credit. The spirit of participation is more important. We cannot question the decisions when the winning entries are really so good. Once more congratulations to the winners, I'm sure SuN, you too would win in the future.

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    OKay Members,
    I am fully convinced by the ME's response and other members' supporting responses.
    Editors may lock this thread as there is no miracle in this thread.

    No life without Sun

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    Sun, I thought I need to thank you for realizing your folly in raising this thread without giving it sufficient thought. I am locking this thread now.
    'It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it'. - Aristotle.

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