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    Had we not got freedom, we all would be 100 % perfect in English

    This is something to think about. Had we not got freedom, and released from the clutches of the British, we all would be Englishmen and would be talking and writing English perfectly. The whole India from a new born to the old, very poor to the rich, would speak and write in English only. This is a thought came in my mind. Just throw something on this topic. Let it be interesting to read and enjoy.
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    Whats the point in being proficient in English while being in slavery?

    I would rather be free without knowing English than speaking perfectly in English and bound in slavery.

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    By not being slave, we have embraced the slave language and are living with that language. No English, No job. It is the state of India. Many Indians suffer without knowing English. There was no corruption then. Everyone one was very sincere in their works and deeds. Perfection was there which is not here. I think we could have remained as a slave under the British than living as a slave under our own corrupted rule.

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    It is good that we got independence and we are getting ruled by our own country people. In a way, SUn's point of view also appears to be correct. Being an Indian SUn was telling like this indicates the frustration he is feeling with the rulers these days. The corruption, no ethics and no rules and no regulations for the people who are on the top. The treatment he is giving to all other people is not same. For an IAS officer, a person who is giving bribe is the GOd. He will respect him. But a person who is going to all the merits will never be asked to sit even in his office. The Point of SUN is what is the use of this independence when there is no sincerity in the top people.
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    In a country like India where 179 languages and 544 dialects are spoken, English is essential as language for communication. Even those Hindi-preachers send their children and grand-children in English-medioum schools.
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    We don't have to be under the clutches of Britishers to be proficient in English, even after getting freedom, aren't we still better off speaking in English? Many Asian countries hire Indians along with the native speakers to teach their citizen to speak in English.

    So I think, we are far off better without being under the clutches of Britishers. Just to be proficient in English I don't think this reason is strong enough for us to remain as slaves under them.

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    Learning English no way connected to British invading India and then leaving after freedom struggle. English has been the required International language which is spoken widely across the world and the there was need for every one to learn this language and that has happened widely as the British were there for over 200 years and we have have been treated with English of UK origin. But even in those days the South Kings used to have the translators and they spoke only in their own language. So not all the Indians were learning English those days and they felt is was a foreign language.
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    Though the Britishers have left us after holding their strong foot on our soil with their language, we are still slaves to English, not the British. Why not we be like the French, Russian, Chinese and Japanese with respect to language? English may be a medium to communicate internationally, but we and our Indian languages have become slaves to English. Can anyone disagree with my point? A child comes out with the word Mom and Dad. Every parent wants their wards to be in Nursery,PKG, LKG and UKG to better with English. ISC doesn't permit a member to use nothing but English. Should we Indians not feel ashamed of this learning English and ignoring our mother tongue?

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    We are not ignoring our Mother tongue, as long as we can speak fluently in that language. But we can't talk to all the people in our Mother tounge. English being an international language accepted by all the countries, not only India, helps people everywhere to communicate with each other.

    My mother tongue is Malayalam but how many ISC members will understand if I speak to them in Malayalam? There is no common language used in India, but internationally there is a common language. Hence we all learned English and is communicating in English.

    By just knowing your mother tongue, you will be isolated in this world. We need to learn other commonly used languages as well to survive. Even after getting freedom we speak English so does the next generation. All the countries in the world was not under British rule, but almost everyone speaks English.

    If you come to Kerala, it would be better if you can speak Malayalam, not that Keralities don't speak English. Knowing the language helps to you communicate with anyone in the state. Similarly when a Keralite visits Mumbai, he can't be adament that he will speak only Malayalam. Most of the people in Mumbai speaks Hindi, not that there are no people who knows Malayalam. It is better to know the language of a state if we are staying there. Knowing any language is an advantage only and we shouldn't feel ashamed of it.

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    Why not we have one of our own language which is predominant in India. Why should we respect and regard English highly and be a slave to that language?

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    Nice debate going on. There are two key issues.
    I think even if we were still under British rule, India would still have English as the official language and each state would have their own languages. The fact we all want or we learn English is that we have a common language to share across the country and across the world that is understood in education, banking, commerce and economic circles.
    The simple reason that we cannot have one mother tongue as the common language in India is that there are so many that we would be fighting for decades to agree which language should be the national mother tongue.

    Take the United Kingdom, for instance. It has four major parts. England (English, and its dialects - Eg-Cornish), Wales( two official languages - Welsh and English), Scotland (English and Scots language) and Northern Ireland (Irish Gaelic and English). When relatively such a small country has one common and one regional language, how can we even think of one mother tongue for the whole of India. We are following what is practical English + the regional state language.

    Corruption and lack of ethics - this is our own doing, speaking English or speaking mother tongue does not make us more susceptible or less susceptible to these evils. Nobody told us to be corrupt, Nobody stopped us from learning our mother tongues. Most of us can speak our mother tongues, some of us can read and write.

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    I agree with Chitra, English is needed as a mode of communication because everybody cannot understand Hindi or other regional languages. So, english here serves the best purpose of explanation. This does not mean that we are becoming slave to that language or are highly regarding it. We are simply following the world.
    We are following the world to take a stand for ourselves, to make others understand us, probably who work with us. Also for those, who cannot understand our mother language.
    What you are saying is that people are somehow making it a sort of culture to speak in english, because some people feel that it is a sign of royality, or status. Even parents teach their child from the very beginning to speak in english and learn it. This type of typical mentality lies with some people only. But most of the people speak in their native language only and regard it.
    If we could have been under British's hands still, we could still have been working for them and life could have been at its worse. We should be happy that we are independent. We have all the freedom we need. There is no point raising concerns on that. English just serves as an easy mode of communication for all. Most people do not know it, because they have not learnt it. If they will learn it, they will know it. Learning is something everybody can do.

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    Who says we are ignoring mother tongue. My mother tongue is Tamil and we take pride in talking in that language at home and even our children does. When it comes to social gathering and meeting people, we cannot expect others to know Tamil and converse in that language. Nevertheless, there are many friends in my circle who insists that I speak to them in Tamil so that they also pick up the language fast. That is because of their interest to learn this great language. As far as possible we should not forget our mother tongue to talk, to write and to converse with others where ever possible.
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    What I understand from the thread is that the author is asking whether all Indians would have been 100% perfect in English had we been still under the British rule. And my answer is a simple 'no'.

    I don't think the British ever tried to thrust upon us their language or culture. It was our necessity of the time that made us (few of us) to learn English and to adapt (as Indians have always been and is still so) a part of their culture which we found to be acceptable to us. The influence might have increased with the passage of time but gradually we began to realize the need to learn English due to the requirements posed by various factors including education, jobs, international exchanges and so many other features that changed the way we see the world in total.

    I think it is something akin to a person from a particular state learning the language of another state (by regular use and practice) due to employment, education, business or the like. So, I don't think we would all have become 100% perfect in English even if India still remained under the British rule.

    I also feel that we should not take the point of learning a (any) language to be a matter of slavery, it is our choice and cannot be forced on us; it is rather a point of individual necessity and we need to take it positively for our own good. To cite an example, what would be my prospects if I stand rigid on my view that I won't speak any other language other than my mother-tongue; I will have to stay within the area which speaks that language. If you want to widen the scope of your future prospects cutting across states or countries, you need to very well learn another language or at least a common language and that widely accepted common language is English (if I am not mistaken).

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    I created this thread to discuss something and are discussing something. It is like - I wanted to make Vinayaka statue but it turned out to be a Hanuman statue. I wanted to say " If we did not get freedom, we would be under the British and all must be talking English under the British and English would be our mother tongue. We all must have forgotten our own mother tongue.

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    haha.. This turned out to be like the game Chinese whisper.

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    Mr Sun, I think your response at #611309 is the culprit. In every thread, it is on the author to lead the way when others appear to be confused.
    'It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it'. - Aristotle.

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