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    Do you keep your mind busy or idle during relaxing after having achieved some success ?

    Researchers and doctors opine that human beings are not using their mind to the full and even when some one use it considerably, they are considered as genius and one step ahead than others. What we normally do that after achieving a success, we tend to give our mind some rest and in that process it gets lazy too. When the mind was in bubbling mood, let it work and be busy so that new ideas would come out and that will pave way for new tasks and later achievement. What about your view on this ?
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    I feel relieved. As for example, for a quite long time I had been planning to write a story on a peculiar Bengali gentleman and his Goanese wife. They used to live a somewhat secluded life in Raipur but they were very happy and contenteed with each other. Ultimately the wife died in the jungle due to malignant malaria. Today I finally completed the story.

    Although I could not do justice to this couple in my story due to my poor writing ability, I am feeling relieved.

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    There's an old myth that humans whose only 10% of our brains. Many studies have proven this wrong. I think it's human nature to feel happy after completing a task or winning something.
    Yes, we should treat ourselves for achieving something (big or small is a different issue). For instance, Mr.Partha has penned down a nice story, he would and should feel happy and then go on to do a next one, he would be motivated by his success to do better next time and the next time.

    I think we should succeed, enjoy the joys of winning, take a short break and then use that as a motivation and moving on to the next target or task and avoid going back to the lazy mode for a long time. Lastly, it's important not to allow success get into our heads or feel very contented. A contended man seldom challenge himself to his true extent.

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    The mind will always be working. Relaxing or taking rest is for your body only. But the mind will be thinking about something or other. An idle man's brain is a devil's workshop. So it will start thinking unwanted things. So it is always advisable to think about your activity or task. Generally, what many people will start thinking about the next task when they come to the last step of the present task. That is how they keep their mind active. My practice is to have three or four tasks on hand at a time and one is completed another will come online. But when the things are happening positively you can load the brain with more and more tasks. But in case of negative results, your brain may not be so active and will get stressed. In that case, we have to see that our mind will get a little fresh and divert the mind for a little time automatically you will end up with a solution to your problem.
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    After successful completion of a task or after achieving any success, we will be glad and filled with joy. Hence we wouldn't be concentrating in anything else at that moment. But that doesn't mean our mind is getting lazy, it is just that it is happy and we are over exicted about it. That is what I feel.
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    It is human nature to do so. After spending a lot of time at work, our mind itself says a lot , that"buddy you need rest now. I cannot help you with anymore of your issues, because even I need rest." You cannot keep working all the time, you need rest time as well to relax you body, your nervous system. Success is achieved with continuous and consistent efforts.Once we achieve it, we are on the top of happiness mode, we even want to enjoy and also want to take rest, because we have had worked endlessly on our self. That is why mind also need rest, as it keeps making a lot of calculations and keep thinking every time. So, that is a complete human tendency and that is needed.
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