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    Aren't the soap and face cream ads degrading the dignity of dark skinned people?

    Recently Dove got involved in a controversial advertisement in which it says dark skinned people can become white skinned by using their products. It later regretted for its racially insensitive Ad. But in Indian television channels, we always see such kind of advertisements by soaps and cosmetics manufacturers. By showing such ads, aren't they degrading the dignity of dark skinned people?
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    I have some questions in this regard.

    1. In western countries, many people prefer ebony complexion. They seek ebony-complexioned partner. Is there any such trend in India? If not, why? How many people in India accept ebony-coloured partner leaving aside fair-coloured partner.

    2. If any company produces any cream which changes the complexion from fair to dark, will Indian people purchase it?

    3. Hasn't the author ever tried the face cream which is supposed to make him fair? Please answer honestly.

    We have to change our attitude before questioning the face-cream producers.

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    I can yes and no. I have seen many color people also using such creams & powders. So it is 'no'. One of my cousin (who is normal color &uses such creams)envied on me as I am some color than her and not using any powder & creams from my childhood. So,'yes'

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    The name of the cream itself is fairness cream. What is fairness. Bringing the dark skin to shinning is the fairness. So in our country, nobody will find fault with these advertisements. But in some countries, there will be a lot of discrimination based on the colour of the skin. Many people in India prefer fair colour people and everybody will try to appear fair. So there is no point in thinking that the companies are undermining some people. We need not think in that direction.
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    Partha sir, for your queries my answers
    1) I think the "mindset of fair is good" was introduced by Britishers but I am not sure.
    2) First of all, I have a doubt whether a cream can turn the skin from dark to fair. So in my opinion, the reverse also may not happen.
    3) Honestly speaking I have never tried any face cream. But I use soap for bathing and talcum powder for covering my sleepy-eyed face.

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    All the advertisements are based on our attitude. That is what they are trying to influence. Firstly the name itself says fairness cream, so the product is targeting those people who prefer to have a fairer complexion.

    Secondly I don't think any of us will ever buy a product that will reduce the color of our skin tone. So definitely the manufacturers has to concentrate on fairness products. I don't think there is any point blaming the manufacturers when our behavior itself is like that. Manufacturers will make the products that their customers like. It is after all business for them.

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    Advertisements are a means to get more attention and to help a company sell its products. Often ads have some controversial angle as creativity that goes into ads focuses on catching the eyes and ears of the viewers. So they prefer catchy phrases, models in skimpy outfits, fairyland sceneries and the perfect man or woman everybody dreams off. All this becomes acceptable more so for creams and cosmetic for the face, who doesn't want a beautiful face.

    As long they do not mislead with false statistics and false claims, then it's ok. It is up to us to decide before buying and using these products.

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    There is nothing like that, those are just the advertisements. They can never degrade the dignity of a human being. The race for color has ended far behind. These ads are just selling their products and increasing their market. They are just selling their brands name. It depends upon how we human beings are taking these ads. Ads make a lot of differences in our daily lives. We should try and not have a negative impact from them. Rest, there work is to make money and that is what they are doing.
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    Yes there is always racial discrimination through television ads, though not directly but indirectly. Being dark is the God gift and there is a elegance and pride even looking dark. I have seen so many people with dark complexion and yet look stunningly beautiful. I do not think that by using soaps and creams one may regain the white complexion and color as opined in the ads. It may be temporary phenomenon but the originality stays. By the way by raking up racial issue, it always touches the heart of every one and try to be aloof on the subject. So next time look as you were and not try to sport what you cannot be.
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    Oh, there is definitely a prejudice. The majority of Indians are obsessed with white skin. Lets' not forget we also have home remedies for skin-lightening. The beauty industry is capitalising on this desire, of a majority of Indians, to lighten their skin tone, by a few shades.

    I do not know what Partha's source of information is but Westerners, as far as I know, select partners based on compatibility etc. Skin colour is not on their check-off list when selecting a partner. Also, the white race would have been wiped out, if that were true, and there would be many inter-racial marriages/relationships.

    Most white-skinned foreigners want to darken their skin colour, which is why they holiday in warmer countries or go in for an artificial tan.

    In India, 'fair skin' is a sign of beauty. You can look like a horse or a rhesus monkey, but if you are light skinned, you are considered beautiful.

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    I'm sure these ads are meant to evoke mixed reactions and hurt the self-image perception of people who are dark skinned or dark toned.
    I think what's more important is how safe they are. How can one change what nature and our gene's parents and their ancestors be changed in a few weeks time?

    These creams often have to damage a layer of skin to look brighter and fairer, like using a kitchen cleaner bleach to make the tiles look birght and clear. Most of these creams have a bleaching agent, heavy metal and a mild steriods. Please read this World health organisation alert on fairness cream. I think it's more important to discuss the safety issues rather than racist angle.

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    These creams must definitely have harmful side-effects, for as Natrajan has pointed out, they interfere with our genetic composition. My knowledge is based on articles on skin lightening, that I have read. A number of ingredients in these creams block the production of melanin, the skin pigment, that gives skin its unique colour.

    Dark-skinned people have more melanin than light-skinned people. The incidence of skin cancer is more in light-skinned people as their body does not provide them with enough protection against the sun's harmful rays. Tanning, in fact, is a good sign, as it indicates that your body is taking precautionary measures against the sun's harmful rays, by producing more melanin, to counter its effects.

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    Basically we have a craving for white skinned people in India. If anybody has fair skin, then we decide that he or she is beautiful. We actually do not concentrate on the shape of the face or the eyes or nose or any other part of the face. Only skin color is the parameter to decide a person is beautiful or not.
    So, first we must change our attitude. If we constantly appreciate fair skinned people and admire them, then the dark skinned people will use such fairness creams. And sell of such companies will increase.
    Actually a skin pigment called Melanin is responsible for the complexion of our skin which is decided completely by our Gene. Fairness creams basically uses a certain types of steroids which controls the melanin of our skin which gives us temporarily a fair look. When you discontinue these creams you can face lots of skin problems. And in other hand if you use them for long time it can cause skin cancer too. So, our goal must be to have a healthy skin, not only fair skin.

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