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    Population is on the increase but with a male bias.

    Gong through the population figures of the last twenty years the number of girls are on the decrease though the population increase. As per world census figures there are 105 boys for every 100 girls in the age group of 0 to 15. The population is more in countries like China and India and the increment rate also is more. But in the case of girls it is a decrease.
    In the 2001 census of India there are only 918 girls for 1000 boys. In the village based population of China the same ratio is 794 girls for 1000 boys. Earlier in Kerala girls were more than boys but now the ratio has changed as 959 girls for 1000 boys.
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    True, the number of girls are decreasing. The first thing that came into my mind after reading this thread was about my aunt who keeps on saying, that she needs to find a good girl for her son as now the number of girls are less and it will be difficult to find one later. She is being silly, but may because it is her son's life.

    Even though the number of girls are decreasing, our society still prefer boy child to girls. This attitude of ours is the reason for this situation.

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    It is alarming that there is a gap between boys and girls in terms of population and its figures. Now that there is strict law not to allow the couples to know male of female child in making while conceiving , the difference between male and female child equation has been kept. Otherwise there would have been vast difference. Now analyzing the present figures regarding shortage of nearly 80 girls is something to ponder over. That means those 80 unlucky boys may not get their life partner and have to live as bachelor or settle for some one who is more younger to their age. The future is going to be more demand for the girl child as even in education wise girls are excelling than boys and they are given equal opportunities to many jobs either too reserved for the boys. One more thing what I stress that girl and boy marriage fixing has to be done with lesser age difference.
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    The population is on increasing mode. It is true. The males are increasing. But females are coming down. We all know about dowry system to bridegrooms. Before that, I heard that males paying money to bride's father for marrying his daughter. On this issue, there is a very famous novel in Telugu by name Kanyasulkam. A movie was also made as NTR Senior in the lead role. The same system may come again. Even today a boy above 30 years is not able to get a bride to marry. Brides are rejecting Bridegrooms if they don't like the job or the status.
    The government has already started some initiatives like depositing some money for the girl child which will be useful for her future. These days girls are proving better than boys in all the fields. So people should not hesitate to deliver a female child. The government should also think about some ways and means to encourage female girls to show their potential in all fields.

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    The population loom continues in India and other countries but the less number of girls per 1000 boys is a cause for concern. A couple of years ago, there was a sad article about female infanticide (70 villages in Mahendegarh district, Haranaya) had the least number of girl children, some villages as less as 500 girls: 1000 boys, this has improved to around 800:1000.

    I hope I'm wrong, In rural India, still the girl child is seen as a burden - wedding and dowry expenses were the main reasons for not wanting a girl child. Many couples want only a boy child and resort to illegal means to ensure that the infant is a boy before continuing the pregnancy. Also there is a lot of movement of people intermittent for seasonal work and in the hope of better opportunities in the cities. Sometime back there was an article about the demand for young girls to work at homes in the cities to look after small children ( an excuse for child labour).

    So there would be many reasons for these figures, I'm glad that in Kerala the gap is very narrow.

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    It is really a bad trend. This is not at all desired. But in every cloud, there is a ray of hope. If this undesirable trend continues, the population of the country will automatically go down. Many people would be forced to remain unmarried due to less number of girls in the society.
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    India is a vast South Asian country with diverse terrain – from Himalayan peaks to Indian Ocean coastline – and history reaching back 5 millennia. In the north, Mughal Empire landmarks include Delhi's Red Fort complex and massive Jama Masjid mosque, plus Agra's iconic Taj Mahal mausoleum. Pilgrims bathe in the Ganges in Varanasi, and Rishikesh is a yoga centre and base for Himalayan trekking.

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    I don't understand why the above comment (Lena Bright's) is given as a comment on my thread on population increase. The same has nothing to do with the subject.
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    Perhaps this new Member was in a hurry. So she posted this irrelevant response in this Forum thread. I do hope that with passage of time, she would learn the rules of ISC.

    The important discussion must continue ignoring the irrelevant response.

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    Shocking details emerge from various belts on how newborn girl babies are killed. So, it is not just foeticide that is a problem, it is infanticide that is a bigger problem.

    It is ironic that on the one hand, we term ourselves as tolerant and peace-loving people and on the other, we are guilty of staining our hands with the blood of our own 'helpless' babies. It says so much of who we are, as a people. What kind of human kills their own child?

    There is a comment above that sympathises with men who would remain bachelors or have to make do with a much younger bride. I think women have an upper hand now, they decide whom they want to marry. And as far a man getting a much younger bride that is a farfetched idea. Men would probably end up marrying women older than them.

    I saw a documentary on television, where men in Punjab, were bringing brides from Bihar and West Bengal. These women weren't given the status of a wife, not in the true sense, but were in the marriage to bear children and look after the man's home. They also worked in the fields and served as a wife. Sexual exploitation, in the name of marriage?

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    The male - female ratio, naturally would have been 1: 1 . Slight variations can always be expected. But the variation must be applicable to both male and female population. But here the bias is towards one side. So can we consider it as natural ? Or is it artificial ?
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    The bias would be artificial in my view because practices would be peculiar to specific areas within the country. Girl or boy a child is a child.

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