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    Are you too good for your own downfall?

    Many of us have our inner sense of what's right and wrong. We stick to it because that's what our parents, elders, and teachers taught us. But some of us still lag behind in life, career, and finances.

    This includes many things like bending the rules, accepting bribes, extra unauthorized work despite having a full-time job, unethical practices, buttering up the bosses (carrying bags, doing odd jobs for them, to get that promotion), using flattery to get that salary hike and cleverly taking credit for someone else's work.

    In this bargain, people who are honest, fair, transparent and diligent still keep struggling in life, when people far less deserving are far more ahead in terms of their lifestyle and position in society.

    Do we need to change, at least for the sake of our children because our families to bear the burden of our choices?
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    I personally don't think we have to go beyond the limits to achieve anything in life. I can't be a slave to anyone, whole my life. I might as well struggle in life rather than licking someone's feet. Flattering, buttering etc are meant for certain people and they only can do it. We have a dignity and self respect which we have to keep up.

    Bribe is not as bad as the above. I admit that I also will give extra money to people to get things done on time. Now it is a kind of practice in India. Nothing uncommon, so I am used to it. I am not supporting bribery or will I ever bribe anyone.

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    I agree with you , but that is the bitter truth of life. And I do not think, any change will happen at this part. It is because, it is boss's nature to like to be buttered by their employees. We always like when some appreciates us, especially in front of others. But there is one thing, people who do wrong deeds, or who carry jealousy or bad attitude for others, they always end up with regrets. They cannot do anything in their life. A human will have to be selfish for himself and for his family, for that he has to undergo a lot of circumstances. And these type of behaviors that you described also serve as an example of various experiences sometimes. This is what people call experiences. So strange the human is!
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    Well downfall of a person wont happen all of a sudden. It all depends on circumstances and situations which some times forces person to work against the inner sense and then caught in the wrong foot. The greed to earn short cut money, fame and above all keeping ahead of others would sometime induces persons to indulge in wrong practices and that would lead to downfall. One thing is sure, downfall is also one big lesson for every one. He would learn the intricacy of life and try to over come his short backs. But in the eyes of society the person looses the credibility and face and thus relegated to non existence.
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    A very good write up. Many honest people are lagging behind. But I feel the honesty will get paid if not today, at least tomorrow. If we do good deeds and if we follow ethics, your next generation will definitely enjoy their life by virtue of our good deeds. So I think if we change it may be better today but tomorrow will be definitely bad. I have seen many live examples for this. Many poor families who are very honest, ethical and god fearing, suffered a lot... But today their children are doing excellent and they have not come out of their family values. So we should have belief in our ethics and continue to be same. There are people who are trying to have some fast bucks but they will not have their self-respect. They will try to please the people for some extra benefits. We need not worry about those people.
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    thoughtful replies so far
    #611470: Valuable point: honesty and good deeds and self respect are good virtues
    #611384: true words :greed would eventually lead to downfall and loss of credibility
    #611379: circumstances make people to do unethical things but always with regerts
    #611372: excellent words - Dignity and self respect are most important in life

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