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    October 11th is the birth anniversary of the great Malayalam poet Changampuzha.

    There was a poet, a great poet, who died at the age of 37, but enriched the Malayalam language with thousands of lines of poems. One of his poems, "Ramanan", when first published was sold out like hot cakes. Reprints after reprints were taken for that. Now it is the 60th print in circulation.
    Changampuzha Krishna Pillai was born on 11th October 1911 in Cochin. He started writing poems from his school days. His first poem was published when he was 14 years. Afterwards he went on writing. During his short span of life more than55 books have been published. More than 55000 lines of poems written.
    He died relatively at a younger age, 37, because of TB an incurable disease in those days. Changampuzha Park at Edappally, his birth place, is living monument for him. Almost all the days some cultural programme is being organised there.
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    Changampuzha Krishna Pillai is a well known poet in Malayalam and is known for his poem 'Ramanan'. Even though he passed away at a very young age, he is still living in the heart of Malayalis through his poems.
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    I was stunned to read the greatness of Changampuzha Krishna Pillai through the author's submission and found to be very interesting poet. But God would never allow great people to live for more years.
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    I earlier hadn't heard about the great Malayali poet, Changampuzha Krishna Pillai. This promising Malayali poet died young. While reading about him, I remembered famous Bengali poet of revolution, Sukanta Bhattacharya. He also died very young even before reaching 21. He had also been suffering from tuberculosis. He was almost contemporary of Krishna Pillai. Because of his poetry on hard-working people from lower strata of the society and the poems on revolution, Sukanta, carved a niche in Bengali literature.
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    I join the author in remembering Changampuzha Krishna Pillai, one of the most celebrated poets in Malayalam, on his 106th birth anniversary. His untimely death reminds us of the old saying that geniuses generally don't live long. He had the rare distinction of learning his own poem when he was doing his graduation.
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    Didn't know about this great person Changampuzha Krishna Pillai, thanks for the post sir. Sadly many great legends have lived for a short while but their legendary works are still remembered by mortals like us.

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    Great remembrance to the poet. Most of Karnataka poets I know but today I came to know about a great Malayalam poet. Good information shared by the author.

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    On the birthday of Changampuzha Krishna Pillai, I would like to remember his famous quote 'Come what may, I want to savour, this wine like life' . He is a great poet and became so famous within a short period of time. I had read his works like Ramanan, Devageetha, Bashpanjali. All his works are very interesting. My favourite was "Ramanan" , which will be the favourite of many. It is a beautifully written pastoral elegy. It is sad that he left this world soon contributing the best for malayalam literature in a short span.

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    I got educated with this post. I never know about this great personality. Thanks to the author for this post. One of my uncles was a very good poet. He had written very famous books in Telugu literature. He also died at an early age. Probably the God want them early to be with him to enjoy their skills. A good post.
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    It is true that genius people get only a short period to live. Just like the poet Changampuzha Krishna Pillai, the famous Indian mathematician Sreenivasa Ramanujan also lived for 33 years. Even now his works are being taken as research problem by the present day mathematicians. He also died due to the attack of TB.

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    The great an born on great date 11.10.11. I am little fortunate as I read this and remember him today by sitting in Thrissur railway station, in Kerala, on my way to Chennai. Thanks to the author.

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    Again there is another coincidence Mr. Pattabiraman. Changampuzha died when he was under treatment at a hospital at Thrissur. You thought about it when passing through Thrissur.

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