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    Let's learn about our neighbours: Let's start with Nepal

    There are nine neighbouring countries of India. These are: China, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Myanmar, Nepal, Bhutan, Afghanistan (yes, Afghanistan is our neighbour considering PoK an integral part of India), Srilanka and Maldives. However, we know very less about our neighbours. We must try to know about our neighbours. Let us start with Nepal.

    We all know that Nepal was the only Hindu country of the world. Alas! It has now lost its distinctive identity. We all know that Mt. Everest, the highest peak of the world, lies in Nepal. In fact, eight out of the ten highest peaks of the world are in Nepal. We also know that Gautama Buddha, the founder of one of the greatest religions of the world, Buddhism, was born in Nepal.

    But do you know the following few facts about this beautiful country?
    (a) More than six thousand rivers flow through Nepal.
    (b) More than eight hundred species of bird are seen in Nepal. Lophophorous (Himalayan Monal) is the country's national bird. It is dazzlingly beautiful.
    (c) Although Nepali is the national language, one hundred twenty three languages are spoken in Nepal.
    (d) Nepal is the only country with a triangular-shaped flag.
    (e) There is a festival called 'Kukur Tihar' celebrated in Nepal. During the festival, people thank dogs ('kukur') for their loyalty and friendship.
    (f) Nepal doesn't have any Independence Day. Why? The simple reason is: Nepal never lost its independence.
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    For us the Hindus, Nepal is the most sacred country in which famous temple Pasupathi Nath is situated. The place is also famous for Sarligramam, the stone like thing in which we can find the carvings of God. But the facts shared by the author were really impressive. First time I came to know that more than 6000 rivers flow through Nepal. The country itself is very small and just cannot imagine so many rivers flowing through this tiny country and that proves it is Punya Bhoomi. And regarding the country flag which resembles like triangle shape seems to be funny. Thanks for sharing rare information.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Nice summary of information, Having visited Kathmandu, Nepal is very much like India, the crowds, the minibuses, the temples. the streets of the bazaar. The Pashupatinath temple has cows roaming freely and everybody touches the cows like we do. The royal palace on the busy street is worth to watch.

    There's a temple where for the first time I saw Lord Vishnu, sleeping on a bed of snakes (lot of minibuses ply from the city to the temple regularly). Was surprised to see that it had two big casinos.

    Nepal is also the country to have colourful postage stamps. many stamps of Hindu God's have been issued, Lord Shiva, Ganesha and Dhanvanthri)

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    The fact that 6000 rivers flow through Nepal may sound interesting, but if we think deeply, it is quite natural. Innumerable rivers come out from the Himalayan range.

    The last two facts mentioned in my thread are most astonishing for me.

    Nepal has ten UNESCO Heritage sites.

    Kathmandu is also known as City of Temples. Kathmandu and Pokhra have many ancient temples. Pashupatinath Temple is the most famous temple of Kathmandu.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Great information shared by the author. Actually, by reading this forum I came to know about the neighboring places in Nepal. Thank you for the information provided.

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    Nepal, our neighbouring country is a Hindu Country. The country is having more resemblance to our country. The Rudraksha available in Nepal is very famous. Whenever people go there to visit Pasupathi Nath temple, they bring a variety of Rudraksha. They are unique in their quality.
    It is known that Mt.Everest is in Nepal but I don't know that 6000 rivers are flowing in that country. Nice information by the author. This type of threads is very informative to the members.

    always confident

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