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    Dr. Dwarkanath Kotnis - Gave his life to help China.

    This young doctor born on 10th October 1910 in Solaphur, Maharashtra, had the distinction of being deputed in 1938 during the 2nd Sino-Japanse War. He worked tirelessly treating the wound soldiers for which China honoured him with the Director of Dr.Bethune Hospital. Sadly, the stressful work for five years (sometimes he used to work for 3 days at a stretch) took a toll on his life and he died on 9th December 1942.

    he's buried in the Heroes yard and a statute of Dr.Kotnis is still in Shijiazhuang, China.

    The Chinese government right from their founding father Moa Tse-Tung in 1942 to this year, 2017) have been honouring Dr.Kotnis consistently

    Both India (1993) and China(1982) have issued postal stamps of this great man, who died at a young age of just 32 years but is still honoured as a symbol of Indo-China friendship.
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    Dr. D.N. Kotnis is fondly remembered by the communists in India (although he didn't have much faith on this ideology) and other people who want Indo-China friendship. His selfless service towards the people of China came to limelight during the heydays of 'Hindi-Chini Bhai-Bhai'. During my childhood his birthday used to be celebrated by the communist parties of West Bengal. I don't know whether this tradition still continues, or not.

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    Great information about Dr.Kotnis. I had seen his stamp but didn't know this past which was mentioned. Great work by him. Now we don't find such dedicated doctor's or there might be which have not come to light. By any way Henceforth I will keep this mind and even tell mine children regarding his dedication and loyalty to his work.

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    Dr Kotnis is very well known for his service during the 2nd Sino-Japanse War. Those days I feel India and China are in good terms. I have seen the postal stamp of this person. But I don't know that he died at the age of 32. Maybe his services are required more there than here.
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