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    Reforms reign of present government

    Following reforms has been taken in BJP government.
    2.GST bill
    3.Daily up and down of hikes in petrol prices
    1. I observe the people during demonetization suffered more and more due to scarcity of currency notes.
    2.Coming to GST bill, exams fee might be increased due to this bill.
    3.Like Gold and silver, petrol prices hiked daily without stop.
    These are the consequences are being happened now. Can you say any more results from the above reforms.
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    I wish only to say that to gain something we have to lose something. By all the changes done by the government I fully accept it with due respect because, by this lot of corruption, black money has come to light. No doubt the common man has suffered but now their happy as per my above statement.

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    yes. I agree with#611426.
    No Scams during the BJP government at highest levels. Demonetization, as many people say, has at least brought a lot of money into the open. That is into banks. People suffered. But they welcomed it. Again the troubles faced by the public is not because of the reform but because of the things happened in the Banks. However, another one year is there. We will have elections. We will understand the people's mind in those elections. To create a system is easy. But to bring back the system which is corrupted to its roots is not an easy task. It will take time. Till such time people will have to face some problems like this. But I hope the ultimate result of all these reforms will be enjoyed by the public in a long run.

    always confident

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