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    What is happening in Tamilnadu. How is Chinnamma ? Is she still the GS of ADMK

    How is Tamilnadu and its politics. How is EPS and OPS, and also Chinnamma? Is she still the General secretary of the party? I am away from Tamilnadu and not updated with the events.
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    This is like opening a can of worms and can hurt some individuals as the thread is provoking and the answers can be diplomatic to derogatory of people. Maybe we can take specific issues that are focussed on people's problems.

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    Recently I heard that she got 15 days bail to see her husband who is ill. But for her there is royal treatment even in jail. Some days back I had watched in one of the news about her and royal treatment is given to her. The police inspector who revealed this was transferred in few days.

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    I have modified the title, not to create any provocation but for discussion about the present state of Tamilnadu politics. Will AIADMK complete its term? What happened to the floor test in assembly? Is Chinnamma still the Gen.Sec of the party? Throw some light on Tamilnadu.

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    It is better for some people to be in prison. It is a five-star hotel for her without any expenses. People at the doorsteps to respond to her demands. There is a saying in Telugu. If the distributor is our own man, even we are at the end of the queue also, there is no problem. You will receive your share. Rest assured. I think she is not the GS now. Nobody is directly contacting her. Her influence in the party came down. Still a lot of dust in the air. So far it is not settled. Nothing is clear.
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