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    Are we capable of giving an unbiased opinion?

    Every day we interact with some many individuals in person (at work, home) on social media ( net & even ISC) or during communication and most questions are along the lines of what's your view, what's your take or what's your opinion.

    It's difficult to give a truthful answer, it's even more difficult to be fair and unbiased because human thinking is subconsciously influenced by our beliefs, prejudices and bias (aversion to a particular community, dislike towards a particular language, person, political party, hatred towards a particular class - megarich elite). Our liking towards a family type girl, ideal family, fair skin! etc, all these affect us when we have to give a reply, judge a person, comment on the character. The job of Judge or witness or a referee contacted for a prospective employee, bride, bridegroom is the classical example.

    So, it is really possible to give an unbiased opinion?
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    Everybody feels that they have given an unbiased opinion only. Nobody will accept that their opinion is biased. Even the allegation made by a reporter in the newspaper on a famous person says his writing is unbiased only. The people have to judge whether the opinion is biased or unbiased.
    But always in evaluating a person, in giving your opinion about an issue or an event, your personal judgment will always be there. Even one may not accept but in his inner mind, he knows the fact. Definitely, the opinion will have a bias towards the person whom we know well. It is to be accepted.

    always confident

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    hi all, my name is Lena)) I am a new member here )) thanks for your post , nice to meet you all here, in this web site

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    nice to meet you Lena. Welcome to Indian study channel
    "Life's Beauty is Inseparable from its Fragility ".

    Sohail shaik...

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    I Accept that What that DR.N.V. Srinivas Rao Has written about unbiased answers and biased answers. personally my opinion is that while communicating others or strangers be like a spy and grab there answers and analyze them and after getting an Idea about that person then share or give biased answers.
    Because may be we will get threat if share biased answers to the strangers especially in this time of very bewildered world. I hope that you are understanding what I am saying.....

    And as a human being, i must confess that human being likes to share biased answers only the people they like and may be same community that is same tastes, castes, and financial conditions e.t.c.,

    One thing whatever the answer is first we must to enhance our communication skills and try to communicate with everyone happily and these activities gives us more happy and joy.........

    BE happy and fight with sad....

    "Life's Beauty is Inseparable from its Fragility ".

    Sohail shaik...

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    We can be definitely unbiased. In the early stages we are unbiased when we do not have anything at stake in connection to the subject, and we are given full independence to decide and give our verdict.

    But later on, we may get the courage and conviction to face any risk and to say without bias what we feel . To be able to do so needs a comprehensive understanding of the matter. We also should be able to face any risks or overpower those risks and be able to convincingly explain and justify that our stand is unbiased and matter-of-fact.
    Just because our judgement arises from our knowledge and perception does not make it biased. Bias means favouring one side and going against the other side knowingly that it is not correct. It will happen only if we have some interest on one of the sides.

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